Black Eye Floaters

Black floaters have the same composition of cellular debris as normal eye floaters. Although most people see gray floaters, it\’s very common to see black eye floaters. Some people report a combination of gray/black eye floaters which is perfectly normal. As always, if you notice a sudden appearance of new eye floaters don\’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

Black floaters are not to be confused with black spots in your vision, as they\’re both caused and composed by completely different things.


  1. The Dark black/ grey floating lines I see resemble long thin tubes with connect points which are like solid dots. Its almost like I am seeing my own arteries in my eyes. They have been present for over 30 years now.

  2. The floaters started at the age of 40 with split facial image of my wife it was a line cutting across the face.Since then they have growing in both the eyes in various shapes some are grey some are darker etc.I .have been living with it and able to all work

  3. I see dark floaters (usually one) in my left eye only. My right eye sometimes sees the clear bubble-like ones when I\’m outside, but my left eye is the culprit when it comes to seeing the dark floater all the time. I see it the most when I\’m watching TV or in ANY lit area, even when I\’m just in the kitchen making a coffee. It drives me nuts. The only thing that kind of works is when I splash that eye with regular water. In about 10 minutes, the floater goes away for about a half hour. But then it always comes back. I hate it. *I have really bad TMJ (jaw probs) on the left side. I often wonder if that\’s the cause of my left-sided dark floater. Seems too much of a coincidence to ignore. Peace-out

  4. Forgot to mention this! Regular eye drops (Visine) also seem to get rid of my floater(s) for a few minutes. Just wanted to add that tip for anyone else suffering with the darker floaters in their vision. If anyone else has any ideas that WORK, please share. Thnx

  5. I just got a big ol\’ eye floater that is blackish gray in color, in my left eye off to the left but moves when I move the eye. I thought it was a hair or a bug and kept trying to get rid of it this morning until I realized that it wasn\’t going anywhere. I wonder if I should be worried about it? I don\’t remember having any before this morning when this huge thing appeared. It sort of looks like a floating sperm (sorry if I offended anyone). Any tips? Thanks!

  6. I just got a huge floater combo. There\’s a majority of the \”cloud\” effect, which are usually extremely large (it covers all of my eye) and with a flash of light, dizziness, etc., for about 2 hours, this one came to be. It looks like a small spider in my eye. Very annoying and right in front of my field of vision. I went to the Opthamologist the next day and he told me it\’s large, but my retina is fine. The clouds, btw, usually go away in about 6 weeks-3 months, give or take. They fade gradually. No clue what caused this, but I am a graphics artist and I cannot see well to do my job. Scary. Wish there was a way to cure these without surgery and I also wish the person who runs this particular website wasn\’t so vague about what their \”cure\” is. Is it exercise? Is it vitamins/minerals? Is it hypnosis? I just don\’t like when they expect you to pay money and don\’t tell you what you\’re going to get.

  7. I am 19 years old and i have had floaters for almost two years. I can’t stand it they are in both of my eyes and it looks like spots and a sperm that move in the same direction as my eyes. If any one knows of a good treatment please share it!!!!!

  8. I also see floaters,
    I’m 16 years old and the first time I remember seeing them, was three years back.
    To be honest, I think it’s kinda funny to see them.
    I understand that people who has got it worse, might think it’s annoying, but see it as a little game: Catch the floater =)
    Nowadays I see it at least every two days.

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