Eye Floaters Causes

There are many conditions that can cause eye floaters. We will go over the most common in this article.

Vitreous Syneresis

As one gets older, the vitreous humor (see diagram) gradually changes. Some persons have a more liquid vitreous that is more likely to cause floaters, while others retain a firmer vitreous throughout their lives. Even with minimal vitreous movements, small pecks of the vitreous itself become detached; floating around the vitreous and casting a shadow into the retina. This shadow can vary in size and shape, and it's what we know as eye floaters.

Although Vitreous Syneresis is generally the result of normal age-related causes, certain eye conditions can lead to it as well. Any eye condition that can physically alter the shape of the eye, even if just the vitreous, can lead to floaters. A few examples are: eye infections, eye inflammation, facial alteration (plastic surgery, wounds) and vitreous detachment. This is why it's not uncommon for very young people to develop eye floaters.

Posterior Vitreous Detachment

As a person ages, the gelatinous structure of the vitreous may start to shrink. As a result, many particles detached from the edges of the vitreous may move to the center of the eye, causing floaters. Eye Floaters Causes

Additionally, the vitreous is attached to the optic nerve. As the vitreous shrinks, this attachment starts to break; leading to enormous floaters that were the actual attachment between the vitreous and optic nerve. According to research, about 50% of people aged 65 and older will have Posterior Vitreous Detachment in one or both eyes. Developing PVD in one eye almost invariantly leads to PVD in the other within 18 months. PVD is especially common in persons who have undergone floaters surgical treatment, as up to 50% of them develop PVD within a year.


Medicine CausesMany drugs in the market have several side effects. Some of the chemicals contained in such drugs are known for altering the chemical balance in the body often causing unknown side effects. Drugs to watch out for include skin treatment drugs, weight loss pills, mental recovery medicine and certain illegal drugs.

It's important that you try to keep your body as drug-free as possible. Many persons have reported the sudden appearance of eye floaters after ingesting certain medications.


Not only eye surgery, but many other facial surgeries can lead to eye floaters. As the face swells, pressure is exerted on the eyes. This is often enough for small particles to detach from the vitreous or retina causing new eye floaters.

The riskier surgeries are those associated with the eyes, for example LASIK or cataracts surgery.

Age related changes

Floaters tend to become more prolific with age, because the vitreous humour degenerates with advancing years and pulls slightly away from the retina. This separation of vitreous humour from the retina can cause small shreds of jelly to break off and form more floaters. At first, this can be irritating. Over time, the brain can become accustomed to the floaters and may decide not to 'inform' you of their presence.

Head and Eye Trauma

Blows to the head or eyes can be devastating. Although the vitreous is firmly attached to the retina, a strong blow may cause particles to detach from the vitreous leading to new eye floaters. In certain professions such as boxing, the occurrence of retinal detachment is very high.

Eye scratching and touching may also create new eye floaters.

Other Causes

There are many other eye floater causes. In general, any substance floating in the vitreous that is not entirely transparent will lead to eye floaters. This can include: red blood cells, white blood cells, darker vitreous spots and even tiny remains of an eye surgery.

What's Next?

Now that you know the probable causes of eye floaters, you should keep informing yourself in order to make an accurate decision. If you haven't already, consult a doctor as you may have retinal detachment that is a very serious complication that can make you blind. To cure your eye floaters, we recommend the Eye Floaters Solution.


  1. When I was young I used a drug for treating acne and developed eye floaters shortly afterwards, do you think it’s just a coincidence or did the drug actually did that to me? Now 7 years later, my eye floaters remain the same, will they get worse? Better? Should I have a Vitrectomy?

  2. I have had eye floaters for the past three months. I’ll be turning 50 next month. Why do you think I have eye floaters? I have literally not changed anything in my life/diet and all of a sudden I can see them.

  3. @Echops: during pregnancy? That’s too bad. Maybe the hormones somehow caused them. A dozen dots is not too bad – like we always say – getting used to them is the best answer. Surgery is really not an option for most of us especially vitrectomy.

  4. i’m really dispointed with my eye floaters (i think those are eye floaters). I’m still 22 and i’m seeing them my left eye. I was disapointed means i think there is no use of living with this bullsht eye floaters, i feel its better to die rather than having this. I have given up all my future

    ALL I NEED TO KNOW IS is there any way to get rid of this ?????. Please help me..

    Thanks a lot

  5. To Botha: Calm down. I have had them since I was 15 and I’m 21 now. Mine are probably worse than yours as they are pretty much everywhere and in both eyes. Life is worth living every single second, floaters are just annoying, that’s all. Get used to them.

  6. To Kristin: Yes it’s normal, though what you’re experiencing is NOT normal eye floaters. They are smaller and closer to your retina – they are also clearer. That’s why the look so big. Make sure to visit a doctor, only he can make a correct diagnosis. Don’t worry, though besides annoying they’re not really a threat to your overall health and yes, many teens have them.

  7. If you do have eye floaters that are constant and don’t go away, make sure you do go to an eye doctor right away. When I was in 8th grade i started seeing floaters in my right eye and thought nothing of it, but the a couple months later I completely lost my vision in that eye. Turned out I had a detached retina and I almost lost my sight in that eye and had to have surgery to fix it. This usually doesn’t happen, but be safe and check it out sooner than later if you haven’t already.

  8. I fell over and banged my head.
    After the fall I noticed floaters and a film across my left eye.
    I have been examined by the optomotrists but they say nothing can be done about my condition.
    I am sixty two now, healthy apart from Arthitus and I do not want to accept this condition. I am looking for guidance on getting rid of this stuff floating in my eye. HELP FOR MAGGIE PLEASE I AM WRITING FROM COCHRANE ALBERTA CANADA.

  9. I have just found out i might have glaucoma..!!! putting drops in both eyes x2 /day…now i am seeing more floaters…thought it was just Mascara….Seeing specialist soon…but sort of scared about the whole thing..weird..worn glasses since i was 6 yrs old now 56 yrs and going through menopause..would this make the situation worse..?? I used to get bad Migraines about 8-10 yrs ago…

  10. I’m a junior doctor, and my friend (aged 26) has recently had a sudden increase in eye floaters, but her optician have done every test and her eyes are both perfectly healthy. She asked me about it, and after I suggested migraine, she remembered that she’d had a similar episode some years before and the doctors had told her then that it was migraine.

    Migraine does not always come with head pain, but can come with some of literally hundreds of other strange symptoms, including eye floaters. Also though they begin as episodes of a few hours, they can morph into “chronic migraine” with long-term painkiller and caffeine use.

    Consider if it could be migraine, and ask your GP.

  11. I have had eye floaters for as long as i can remember, i am 39 years old now & i have probably had them since i was 8.They have never caused me any bother & i thought everyone had them !! I have realised this is not the case, & i have started to notice them more, the more i think about them.I have more in my right eye than my left, just a little one in that eye.

  12. Hi. I am 21. And since past three months I see these spots in my vision. They appear too very often. At times I have a dull headache along with this. Also, at times I see sudden burst of many spots all around me, wherever I look. How am I to interpret this? Is it serious?

  13. I am 50 and have had small floaters I barely noticed in my right eye. My eye doctor was the one who pointed them out to me. He said my eyes are healthy and it is normal for some people to get floaters. This morning I woke up with a larger floater in my right eye. I thought a small bug was buzzing around my eye at first. I sure hope this goes away. :(

  14. @Maria

    Did you turn 21 Three months ago? I am curious if you did the common get drunk until you puke right of passage that many kids do on their 21st birthday. If you did, maybe you hit your head without realizing or the alcohol did something to you.

  15. Hello I’ve been experiencing eye floaters for about 2 months and I hate it my life is not the same I wisheed they went away.. but I was wondering I smoked some weed would they go away?? Or is there something else that I can do?? Please Help…I’m so depressed…

  16. I am 63 years old and have never experienced floaters until three days ago. I was on an airplane beginning the descent into the airport. I assume the cabin pressure was changing and as I turned to speak to my seatmate, I experienced several brown squiggly lines over the surface of my right eye. During the last three days they have decreased in size and number, and eyedrops have helped. I plan to try the water/veggie diet and stare at the moon tonight.

  17. I’m 20 and have had floaters in both eyes since I was 13. I haven’t been to an eye doctor since I was 10. For the past couple of months I have been seeing some tiny flashes of light periodically in my periph vision of my left eye…I am going to a eye doctor tomorrow, because I am starting to get worried.

  18. I’ve always had tiny floaters only visible in bright light. But yesterday I was pulling the car into a parking lot and the setting sun nearly blinded me for a second. Then I parked the car. When I got out I noticed gritty spots everywhere in my right eye’s vision. But even worse, I see something that looks like a butterfly wing with veins and hanging pieces and maybe blood clot looking things. It’s gigantic and is like seeing a 3-D movie in between what I’m looking at and my eye. God, it’s annoying. Guess I should see an eye doctor right away? But I’m scared of an operation – couldn’t I get a detached retina? But maybe that’s what I have already??

  19. Hey Jen. If you had a retinal detachment, you would be in pain and constantly see eye flashes. What you are experiencing is probably just new eye floaters. You know the drill, if you start seeing new eye floaters visit an eye doctor right away. I also recommend that you read the eye floaters cure page for lifestyle changes that might prevent new eye floaters.

  20. I am 31 years old and have just started experiencing floaters. My father told me what they are, however, I don’t see spots. It’s like zig zags/ lighting bolts in my eyes. It starts out small in the center and conntinues to move to the outer corner and eventually goes away. It has happened in both eyes now about 2-3 times and lasts for about 15 min. Are these floaters? I have been a wreck about this. Everytime I experience them I have an anxiety attack cause I don’t know why this is happeneing? Any feedback someone could give me would be great. Thanks very much.

  21. Noticed my floater yesterday, didn’t think much of it….Called Kaiser today to just make an appt. with eye doctor…after answering a few questions the woman on the phone said she needed to get a nurse on the line now..so a nurse comes on the line and asked me a few questions, am I dizzy, is my blood pressure up, was I nauseous, I explained that I had a headache on the left side and my nose on the left side was hypersensitive…
    i am told to go to urgent care right away, I could be having a stroke ( I am 59, perfect candidate for one)at that point my hands got clammy, and were red, I started to get a tad concerned. Well I go to Kaiser and see an opthamologist who tells me about the floater deal, I am not having a stroke. I was told it is normal and not to be concerned, but if I get bright flashes of light stemming from my eye, or if my eye gets a veil over it then be worried. Well that’s my story

  22. @Sadriel: It could be normal depending on the cause of your eye floaters. It’s impossible for anyone here to diagnose your condition so it’s vital that you visit an eye doctor as soon as possible. Many young people develop eye floaters as early as the age

  23. I\’m 23 and I\’m experiencing floaters for 1 or 2 yars. Can it be related to my habit of squeezing my eyes quite strong (when I\’m tired or sleepy)? Im I too young for floaters?

  24. I am 16 and have something that looks like a glitter or a \’snowy\’ tv screen. They\’re more prevalent in the dark and make seeing in the dark difficult. What are they, and why do I have them?

  25. I\’m 28 and I have massive amount floaters in my left and not so bad in my right. They formed after a eye infection back in March but about a month prior I got hit in the head like right between the eyes and on 2 separate occasions by my at the time 20 month daughter. Did the infection do it or the hits to the head? P.S. This is horrible. And I have seen the Dr.

  26. Am 48, female, postmenopause. Out of nowhere started seeing weird lights, black strings- huge- one looked like a giant comma- & when I look at a light, it\’s effusive, sort of like the world is covered in white vaseline. Went to Opthamologist who said I have a floater. Just in the left eye. She CAN\’T explain the vaseline symptom, however, which is angering…my vision is totally different now in me left eye vs. right. This all happened shortly after using Albuteral, an inhaler for coughing. Like most ppl, have always seen little floaters- they never bothered me- these are totally different & take up my field of vision. Kinda scary but they do pass. Good luck, everyone. Btw, with all these symptoms, being told to rush to an ER if I get more sudden floaters doesn\’g make much sense, as I\’ve had them the last 3 weeks & only made the doctor\’s today.

  27. I just turn 56 on yesterday,last week was when I begin to see the floater in my left eye,I already had one in my right eye that appeared about 2yrs ago.Should I be worried? I went to have my eyes check 2yrs ago when I got the first one and the doctor told me not to worry about it.

  28. A few weeks ago, I had a major migraine. After it passed, I noticed black specks and black lines that looked like hairs in my vision. They are not interfering with my life, I just see them constantly and they can be very annoying at times. So, would the migraine have anything to do with these new floaters? (I haven\’t had a migraine since then)

  29. I am 19 years old and have been suffering from anxiety for a couple of months now. Two months ago I began to see floaters and they do not go away. I went to an eye doctor and he said mye yes were healthy and that I was \”daydreaming too much\”. Could the nerves and depression have somehting to do with them?

  30. I\’m 16 and I\’ve probably had these floaters on and off for about 4 years or so. I\’ve definitely gotten used to it but I have no idea what caused me to start getting it in the first place (I was probably 11 or 12 when it started) I haven\’t seen an eye doctor about it but it has never gotten really bad. When i look in the sky i see squiggly things and occasionally zig zagging things across my vision. I also think it\’s made it harder to see in the dark and sometimes there is also black and red shadowing in my vision.

    If anyone could offer any advice that would be much appreciated, I feel it\’s something i can live with but its always been a mystery to me.

  31. Also, I do tend to rub my eyes a lot when im tired as well as moisten them, so if that has anything to do with that I\’d love to know.

    I haven\’t started learning to drive yet and im just worried that the floaters might be a distraction on the road (although im not sure about that)
    To add to that, I agree with a comment that Lisa made on this thing which referred to \”the more you think about them the more you notice them\” I think that\’s definitely true.

  32. I have had about half a dozen floaters in my left eye for the past 9 months or so. I had Lasik 3 years ago. It seems like a pretty delayed response but I dont know what else to attribute it too?

  33. I\’ve had a floater (with a light outline and almost clear in the middle) in my right eye since childhood, which never bothered me. In fact, I thought the interesting shape was kind of cool. However, I just went swimming, and thought I must have gotten something else in my right eye. It didn\’t take me long to realize I suddenly developed a whole slew of nasty, black squiggly and straight shapes. Weird!!! Has this happened to anybody? I feel just fine; hopefully this will go away. Perhaps it was the chlorinated pool. Waiting for my doctor to call. Ugh!

  34. On Xmas Eve I woke up with an annoying black spot in my right eye. I thought it was a mosquito or a small bug flying around my face. When I realised it wasn,t a bug, I went straight to the Eye clinic where a month ago I had a cataract op. The Opthomoligist said it was a floater and there is nothing you can do but get used to it. I am now getting dots and squiggles and spider lines and images of music notes. I now think this has happened due to my cataract op. It has depressed me to no end and has put a damper over my Xmas celebrations.

  35. Hi everyone, it makes me feel better to see others my age with floaters. I am 24 with dozens of floaters I have learned to ignore them, and when I do notice them I force myself to \”look past\” them and they disapear (mostly). Apparently detached retinas run in my family so I have a doctors appointment on the 12th, wish me luck!

  36. Oh and has anyone noticed this website is very motivated to sell us this Eye Floaters Solution? I wouldn\’t take everything it has to say word for word about floaters as the truth. On another note has anyone tried the solution????

  37. I have floaters in both eyes and they look like what the eye ball looks like with a circle and a dot in the middle. I am 47 and have had them for 2 years. Yes they are an inconvenience but I dont know what to do and of course I have no insurance, any suggestions?

  38. I am 53, have had RP for ten years, cataract surgery in both eyes, glaucoma, and just noticed floaters in the last three days. They look like long strings in front of my eyes. I see them all the time, in dark background and more noticable in light backgrounds. Went to the eye doctor today and was told no tears or detached retina. My question….. Is this an early sign of retina detachment?

  39. Hi, I am 55 and just got floaters in my right eye a week ago. I went to the eye doctor and told me that it was floaters. My retina is fine and he told me that my brain will eventually ignore them. My brain is slow because I want to get rid of these floaters. It is so annoying. I like sitting in a dark room because the floaters don\’t bother me.

  40. Although these are annoying rather than worrying, the problem for me is how closely it can resemble an early aura of a migraine. I find it worrying to go out these days because I can never tell if it is just the floater or a migraine starting. Anyone else have this worry? I\’m only 24 but I haven\’t treated my body well. Thanks for this site, it\’s comforting to know I\’m not alone.

  41. I am 23 years old and have been experiencing floaters for 3 years. It started out with 3 or 4 and now there are dozens in both eyes. I think it may go back to taking accutane when I was 15.

  42. Hey Justin,

    I have heard from several sources that they started experiencing floaters shortly after stopping the use of Accutane (for treating acne). I\’m not sure why, but it has happened to so many young people (myself included) that it\’s impossible to be merely a coincidence. Luckily, I haven\’t heard from anyone who has experienced any further complications such as a retinal detachment, so hopefully they will only be annoying.

  43. I have been experiencing this dark cloud like speck that flying around my eyes for the last few years that i didn\’t really took much notice of it recently when it become more prominant and a friend point it out that it might be floaters. Please pardon me, i didn\’t knew about floaters was! I haven\’t get a eye check, i just wanna double confirm if the systom is having dark cloud like specs flying around your eyes in the morning and day time are floaters? And i even see a black dark dot behind my close eyes sometimes, is this floaters as well? I\’m concerned, would appreciate your kind advise and any alternative holistic resolution for cure other than doctor\’s prescription?


  44. I\’m 47 now and I\’ve had this floater now in my left eye for the past few days now. I\’ve got to admit that I that have been lacking a little in my vegtable intake. Actually what happened to Me was that I was working for my boss and he had Me to move some stuff around his house. I had to zig zag my eyes so much to the left and to the right trying get around his heavily cluttered house like a maze that it profusely worked my eyes hard. I feel like my eyes are also somewhat dry anyway. I think red wine and extra water and enough carrots needs to be on my list of things to be included in my diet. This condition has changed my outlook on life. I believe a natural tears product may be another good thing like I read along here. At night or in a dark room it doesn\’t bother Me as bad, \”the squigly\”. I even remember a good long time ago that I saw these pills on the pharmaceuticil shelf You can buy that has a high concentration of beta carotene in them.

  45. I am 55 and recently had a severe cough and developed red eyes which I thought was due to ruptured vessels. Then I started to have floaters which started as a few medium-sized black dots with a thin membrane-like gray cloud at the center of my vision. The doctor said I had an eye infection but after the infection was treated, the floaters persisted. Now the cloud has grown smaller but the haze has spread all over and the specks have became smaller but greater in number. I doctor said I was responding to the eye drops but I feel otherwise. Are these signs indicative of improvement or worsening of my eye condition?

  46. a response to what you said Kate..I also get migraines with aura and sometimes my floaters freak me out as well because they remind me of the aura. I am 32 and have migraines since I was in 6th grade…I don\’t know many people who experience the aura but it is terrible..I really feel for you, I know I stress out just worrying about the possibility of a migraine. The floaters I can deal with. Best of luck.

  47. At 27 I\’ve had bad plotters for 4 years. Had acne drug roaccutane at 21. Been to opthamologist (independent and hospital) who say its just plotters not a detachment.

    Working in a hospital lab I spend a lot of time looking down a microscope which makes every floated visible- my entire field.

    As a result, I\’ve been on anti depressants for a year now. Still immensely unhappy. Literally 5 minutes ago broke up with my girlfriend of almost 3 years.

    Borderline suicidal now but there\’s just no support for me. My doctor basically said \”deal with it\”. Don\’t see me having a future. I was perfectly normal before this. Seems such a trivial thing. Would do anything- except try a vitrectomy- to become normal again.

  48. I\’ve been on steroids for the past month due to a severe ear infection. About a week ago, I was having lunch with a friend and all of a sudden this floater appeared in my left eye. I keep hoping it will go away, and though I\’m not experiencing any flashing, etc. I think I may go see my eye doctor. I\’m 61 and certainly not ready to loose my vision! Do eye floaters go away eventually?

  49. I\’m 15, I started with one floater of varying shape in the upper right corner of my right eye about a year ago. Now, there\’s another, practically mirroring it on the lower left corner of my left eye. Also, a long line across the center of my right along with a cloud on my left and a few dots on both. I only see them in daylight, so it makes me… uncomfortable going outside except at night. They\’re just.. everywhere. And when I mistake one for a gnat or something, ugh. Just knowing that my own eyes are screwing with me makes me wanna die. Oh, and all this is accompanied by my slowly worsening 20/70 vision. Now, someone just please tell me which solution is the most effective for curing floaters?

  50. I have floaters for over 6mos..I mentioned to my eye doctor who said there is nothing safe that gets rid of them,,,do people commit suicide over this? she acted as if I was crazy…not so reading all our comments…horrible condition, has affected my life in some many wrong ways.

  51. I\’ve been having floaters for about two weeks. Small pink hearts appear against bright backgrounds. They don\’t last long and at least they are pleasant to see compared to others I\’ve read about. Can this occur from playing a video game. I do play a game I like that features pink hearts as one of the gems. Just curious. I will go check this out with doctor.

  52. Could this be lyme disease??? I heard increased floaters are a symptom, but what does \”increased\” actually mean? I have them all the time now, and they drive me nuts. I had them when I was a kid, but now it\’s ALL the time!! I just turned 30, and have recently had them with some light flashes… but no pain. The light flashes went away, and I was staring at a window when they came…. I dunno. Is it old age? or something worse? i can deal with them if I have to….

  53. This is for the person who asked if they should smoke weed for their eye floaters . . . YES! You should all smoke a lot more weed and stop worrying about some dumbass thing like eye floaters and stop thinking \”Oh, my god, I\’m going to die!\” You want honesty? Here it is – We\’re all going to die, but it won\’t be due to eye floaters, so get stoned and get over your pathetic self!

  54. I have had floaters off and on. I was told dehydration can cause the problem. When I drink more water or non dehydrating liquids the floaters stop. Hope that helps some of you.

  55. I have had floaters for 5 years now; I am 26 years old, I went to ophthalmologist and he said that there is no physical eye problem; I want to know if I could get rid of those floaters one day in the future???!!

  56. I\’ve had floaters for years . At first they bothered me so I saw my optician who did loads of different checks only to say everything is fine. I\’ve now got used to them and they no longer bother me after all it could be worse. For all the kids under 16 years of age my advice would be tell your parents your whats happening and how you feel about it don\’t worry on your own and if necessary go and see an optician the eye check will be free for you as you are under 16. They won\’t be able to get rid of it but it will ease your concerns when they tell you everything I\’d fine. I do think things like pregnancy and stress play a part too as that is when my floaters started. :)

  57. I\’m 45. I developed eye floaters 12 years ago. I noticed them within 2-3 days of having my eyes dilated during an eye exam. Dr. said he wanted me to start letting him dilate them since I was in my 30\’s at the time and never had them dilated. (never have again either) I went back to Dr. and he said no way could the dilation have caused it but I believe it did. They have eventually over the years improved quite a bit, smoothed out and turned light grey and I usually only see them when driving and it\’s overcast. A few days ago I noticed a new one that looks like a dark spot and a squiggly white string that changes shapes in my lower left eye.

  58. When my eye was dilated I felt it got really dry. Also I have a condition that I am very sensitive to the cold. I don\’t know what could have caused the new one except not hydrating enough and eating occasionally having salty food or caffeine. Are these floaters something in the vitreous gel or is it a danger sign of a retinal detachment? I am discouraged by this and have had a few anxiety attacks over it but I have decided I\’m not going to let it depress me…I will fight through the fear of it and look through it and see the happiness in life and my children\’s faces. :-) Hopefully this one will also get better. I am praying I will be healed…prayers helped last time.

  59. im 22 years old now.. I experienced dark lines and dots through out the day time fir 3 months now.. they follow as my eye moves It looks like a cluster of dark spots and formed into a big one.. some of them are lines and its bother me all the time.. I went to a Doctor 1 month ago but he told me that theres nithing wrong with my eye.. He just prescribed me eye drops for three months.. i just wonder if these floaters may gone over a time? please anybody comment for me..

  60. im 29 years i have had floaters i see black lines and dots and the vision in this eye is deformed .my doc. said you cannot get rid of them unless u undergoes a surgy operation. Any comment?

  61. I am 62 years old. I\’ve been dealing with eye floaters for a few months and it has been interferring with my everyday life. I feel that I\’m always living in a clouded world with a major floater in my right eye. I get very depressed because of this and it\’s harder to deal with it on a daily basis now. I want to see normally again and get some relief from these floaters. The doctor said that I need to just get used to it and that my brain would compensate for it and overlook the floaters. That was the case when I first had a few floater develope in my left eye, but when it happened in my right eye a couple months later, that was too much for my brain to handle. I need an answer and help to make this better. I don\’t want to have to live like this everyday anymore..Is there a solution? Is there something to make this better?

  62. I had closed angle glaucoma after many laser surgeries and drops I developed cataracts had them removed witch helped the closed angle glaucoma but ended up with a scratch on my cornea that wont go away after all of this I now have thousands of floaters in my left eye. Its like looking through a screen door it takes a lot of getting use to

  63. Just been told by an Optician I have a few floaters in my left eye but there is one very big one like a squiggly browny reddish tapeworm that is just so annoying.Never noticed the others before this one but thats probabaly because my eyesight in my left eye is terribe.Anyhoo I don\’t generally suffer headaches but had cosmetic tatooing/Eyeliner recently on my eyes and think this may have caused it at it was quite pressurised on my eyeballs.I just hope it doesn\’t go to my right eye.If anyone is thinking of this cosmetic eyeliner tatooing, don\’t bother.The pain of the application is beyond ridiculous too.Me and my damn vanity :(

  64. I\’ve always had this problem even when I was in kindergarten I remember seeeing them and I still see them, it looked like a hair floating around in front of me but I knew it wasn\’t because when I closed my eye i could still see it, i never knew its a problem anyways PEACE

  65. I just started having floaters yesterday…its like a bug flying around my right eye….I like sitting in a dark or dimly lit room too….I go to see a doctor on Monday….hope its nothing serious…and wish it would go away..

  66. i just started having one too for the past few weeks. Well, the only reason i could think of to have this is, lack of sleep or could it be too much computer? is someone here caught the floaters the same way i did? Let me know please. Its irritating.

  67. I am 23 yrs. old, I just went to the eye dr about a week ago and and told my dr I was seeing a black dot in my right eye every time I moved my eye. He told me it was a \”floater\”. He said I better get use to it because it\’s not going away. This \”floater\” is sooo annoying I hate it!!! I wish there was away to get rid of it.. But I\’m also glad to hear that there are more of you that are my age and that I\’m not weird!!!

  68. for about 4years now i see a dark sport in my vision anytime i look in any direction,it like flying in my visual directions.am 27yrs.what is that pls reply me.but the size has been constant.

  69. Well…I’m a RN. I have to get certain injections (ie FLU SHOT) and tests (TB)to keep a job. I have been fighting the FLU shot for years. Just recently I was forced to get one or be fired. I got the shot, had a reaction (got the flu) and now have a few floaters. Personally I feel it is directly related as it was two days later. Please people avoid the Flu vac. FYI…the flu shot is last years flu bag. Consider the fact that there are over a thousand strains of flu. The vac contains less than ten of these, plus mercury. BTW, this years vac is the same as last years, which contains Swine Flu. Thanks Health Department.

  70. Hey guys i just wanna ask ya i see 1 floaters I\’m 14 years old i saw them in classe I\’m near the window and when i want see the blackboard i saw som litle black one

  71. Wow! I guess A LOT of people have floaters! I thought I was alone. I have had floaters for many many years. I just turned 39. I have severe myopia (can\’t see far). My prescription is -10.00 in both eyes. I have read a lot on floaters. It happens usually by 60, but can happen to very young people if they are nearsighted (have myopia). If you\’re very myopic, then your eye is probably shaped like a football rather than round and so you are more likely to get floaters that are caused by vitreous detachment.

  72. My floaters were usually small. They looked about a centimeter long and were black squiggles. This past week though, I suddenly got a small blur spot in my right eye. The blur moves to different directions in my eye, so it\’s not a situation that is more serious where you have a blur spot that is in the center of your vision. It is a little cloudy, but not a catract. I got very scared when I noticed it. I made an appointment with an Optometrist and had my eyes thoroughly checked. I even paid for a retina scan/photo. What the Optometrist found was that I had a very very large floater and part of the gel is more pushed forward. He said it had a long tail. (The floater..had a long tail) and that the tail is what was causing the blur spot. He said my retina and macular are very very healthy.

  73. Cont\’d…
    So I am stuck with this long long floater that has one end like a fuzzy black spot, and the other end like a blur spot. It\’s very annoying but nothing can be done. I do hope the Optometrist is right though and that my brain ignores it after a few months time or that it settles to the bottom out of my visual field of view.

    However, if anyone sees flashes or a large sudden increase of floaters or a vale or curtain going over your vision, you must go to an ER/hopital right away! You may have a retinal detachment and you need a swift repair!

  74. I always had floaters as a kid. I didn’t know what they were and assumed everyone had them. It wasn’t until in medical school while studying the ophtamology text did I finally realize what floaters were. Now at 64, I still have them but they don’t bother me at all. I haven’t had any eye trauma at all in my life.

  75. I’m not sure if this a one. I have something that looks like a small sac that sits on my eye but it will move around. There is nothing inside it. It looks like maybe it is liquid filled. Any ideas?

  76. hello , i’m 23 , i v been having this eye floaters since my childhood or adolescence ! i dont even remember :D , but not in a disturbing way ; if i don’t track them i forget about ‘em ((i can track em for like a seconde then they vanish , probably because i wear glasses since i was 11 , i mean nothing but that could cause the flaw in the veterious medium that the article talks about , am i right ?
    AND THANK YOU mister for an swearing my oldest non resolved yet mystery Lol!

  77. I am 25 in a matter of weeks and I have been seeing tiny black dots in each eye, (more pronounced in my left eye and not many, 2 left eye, 3 tiny in right maybe), for years now – I think it came on from a mix of head trauma and stress from about 21-22yrs old.
    I find I only really notice them when I think about them and when I’m in a light room/daylight. My only option is to try and not think about them and when I do this my brain generally ignores them, only one dot is pretty much always there but when I’m focused on something I see past it.
    A good diet, low intensity exercise, lots of water and sleep can’t be a bad thing although whether I do this or not I don’t tend to notice a major difference it’s simply that I go through stages of thinking about it more times than others.
    One thing I will say is I always seem to be very stressed which I think plays a major part, so find something to focus you, eat/sleep well and try not to think about it.
    Easier said than done I know!

  78. Got my first floater today at age 58. I was sitting at a computer and thought I had something hanging from my right eyelash. Kept grabbing at it but couldn’t catch it. Went to a mirror couldn’t see it. Washed my eye, it was still there. That was 6 hours ago and its still there. It looks like a squiggly piece of lint directly in my field of vision or drifting slightly to the right when I move my eyes. I may take to wearing an eyepatch just to stop it from annoying me! I don’t see it in the dark. Tried Visine, no effect. Read all the sad stories here. To quote Mick Jagger: “What a drag it is getting old.”

  79. After a 15 hours flight, I noticed several black dots, and I did not know what had happened to me. I was so scared. After 3 hours dots disapperared, and I remaine with one bubble-like floater. I visited the doctor who confirmed that I have a floater. He told me that there is nothing that can be done. I just have to learn to live with it.

  80. i don’t know if this is the same thing, but I poked my eyeball with a fork, and i totally saw blurred spots and weird shadows. one of the shadows looked like a pair of hooters but I was stoned when i forked my eye, so… who really knows.

  81. i have had floaters for about 6 years i had my eyes checked and the doctor said i was not supost to have them untell i was in my 40s and i was in my 20s and they have gotten more in my eyes i only could see them if i looked at the sky but now i can see them all the time

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