Eye Floaters Cure – Natural Treatment for Eye Floaters

In this article, we will explore all the natural methods to eliminate eye floaters. Although surgery is often considered the only viable solution to eye floaters, I will explain why natural treatment is as powerful and far less risky than the surgical approach.

Floaters may cause depression, anxiety and many other related problems. Please note that if your eyes are in pain or you suddenly experience flashes of light, you must contact a doctor immediately. This page is meant for those whose floaters are only annoying and painless.

Now let's begin. What's the safest cure for floaters? Getting used to them. It's true; being bothered by floaters is entirely psychological. However, there are ways to actually decrease the floaters that we can see and, most importantly, stop more floaters from being formed.

First of all, let's have a quick peek at the eye. What are floaters, and where are they formed? The eye has a jelly-like substance that constitutes most of the inner eye. This is contained in the vitreous. It is normal that as the eye ages, the vitreous begins forming "webs" (floaters) which are "cracks" in the vitreous. They range enormously in size and shape, from tiny dots that can be barely seen, to enormous dragon-shaped floaters.

The brain has a natural tendency to ignore everything that we do not need. Furthermore, there is a very strong correlation between the time we have experienced floaters and the actual floaters we see. The longer we've had them, the less we see them. If we add our eye's natural healing process to our brain's superb ignore capacity, it is conspicuous why we gradually stop seeing floaters. The real problem arises when new floaters are formed on a frequent basis.

How to stop floaters from being formed? While there is no real way to stop the formation of floaters (that is confirmed), there are many ways to strengthen one's eyes which will in turn lessen the creation of new floaters and even accelerate the eye's healing process as it has been proven by many doctors and floater-patients such as myself.

Before going any further, I want to say something very important: Avoid surgery at all costs. If your eyes are not in pain and you do not see any flashes of light, then please do yourself a favor and never subject yourself to surgery. Even if you do see occasional flashes of light, go see your doctor and don't insist on having surgery. Ask many questions and consult at least two doctors. It's your eyes we are talking about: you only have two and you must take care of them.

Having said that, let's continue. The first, and foremost most important step, is to have a good diet. This is not important, it's essential. A good diet will not only help your eyes; it will help your heart, brain and just about your whole organism which will in turn help your eyes even more. Never underestimate the power of having a good diet. What constitutes a good diet? Water, vegetables, water and more vegetables. Of course you must add meat from time to time, fruits, bread; but with water and vegetables you are already halfway there. Avoid fast-food at all costs and try to eat fresh vegetables as frequently as possible. Additionally you might want to try certain vitamins for eye floaters. Now that we are on the topic, there is one drink that you must consider: red wine. I have heard it from many doctors, a glass of red wine every two nights is good for the eyes and heart.

Exercise is vital. I know that every doctor and his mother recommend the basic nutrition/exercise combination. It is so important that it's something you should be reminded again and again. That combination will not only help your eyes directly, it will help you lose weight which is a primary factor of vision-loss and even believed to be a direct cause of floaters. Nutrition and exercise will also help your heart – you need a strong heart for your eyes to function properly.

Are your eyes frequently irritated? Then you may need natural eye-drops. I will tell you a bit about a personal experience. My eyes are bigger than normal and when they close, they can't close completely making them frequently irritated, or as some would say, "red". After visiting numerous ophthalmologists they all recommended costly medications that I used: none worked. I visited more ophthalmologists, wasted more money and ultimately gave up and resigned to red eyes. When talking to a good friend of mine, he recommended natural eye-drops. I bought them, used them and within two days my eyes were as clear as water (well, almost!) What can you learn from this? Never underestimate the power of natural medication. It does not have any side effects, and trying them can only make your eyes stronger. If your eyes are even a bit irritated, try natural eye-drops. They are a great relief. Never use them more than two or three times per day.

I am hesitant about this way to improve one's eyes, but I have been told by so many ophthalmologists to do it, that I will include it here. It can do no harm, so trying it won't hurt you in any way. It's so simple and yet nobody does it. Ready? Gaze at the moon. It's been said that gazing at the moon does help preserve vision. Even better, it's rumored that the brain ignores floaters faster if you gaze at the moon for just five minutes every night. What have you got to lose? Try it!

So we covered a good nutrition, exercise, eye-drops, gazing at the moon… what else do we need? Ah that's right, to stop thinking about floaters. Seriously after you finish reading the articles in this website, close your computer and don't even think about the word "floater" ever again. That is, unless you experience flashers or other eye problems. If you don't then there's nothing you need and you can safely forget about them. If looking at the sky makes you remember about floaters then guess what? Don't look at the sky. It's simple: just ignore floaters. Within a few weeks your brain will have learnt what a floater looks like and it will ignore it even further. Just give it an "ignore boost" and don't pay attention to them yourself. They are not worth it, everyone has them, and there's no need to worry about something you can't change in the first place. Erase the word "floater" from your vocabulary and go live a happy life. Don't forget your vegetables.

If after these suggestions your eye floaters don't go away, you might be interested to read about the Eye Floaters Solution.


  1. Does gazing at the moon really work? I’ve tried it for a few days and I do have a slightly better night vision, but can’t really notice an eye floaters improvement.

  2. Not sure if the gazing at the moon works. Im going to try it starting tonight. As for “ignoring them”, it’s difficult to do so when you’re constantly reminded of them. Wish there was a real cure for them

  3. I’ve had floaters from the age of 16. I thought that I was the only person to have them. I have learned to adapt & live with having floaters however I can agree through experience that having a healthier life style and exercising daily does help to reduce the apperances of floaters

  4. I’ve had eye floaters for around five years now. What’s the best way to cure them? I have a healthier lifestyle now, and I can thank my eye floaters for that :) However, they are annoying! We shouldn’t tolerate eye floaters. I will try the methods in this site and report my progress. Will write soon.

  5. interesting article. i’ve had floaters all my life; however, they seem to worsen as i get older. now they are at a constant and irritating level. i see them all the time. my vision is kind of murky with all the debris floating in there. grr. i like the diet and exercise idea (seems to be a cure for everything), but isn’t there anything else that can be done?

  6. Well there are also eye exercise recommendations somewhere in this site which should help your eyes strengthen and at least help prevent future eye floaters. The Eye Floaters Removal System goes in deep depth about this and a few other alternative options.

  7. Eye floaters are a common symptom of yeast overgrowth. If your diet is high in sugar and yeasty products then it’s possible to reduce your eye floaters by consuming a strict anti-candida diet. No sugar or alcohol and plenty of vegetables. Try it.

  8. I started getting eye floaters around the age of 20-22, but they have never been that bad and go away. It seems like they occur more in the summer, perhaps from strained vision (glare). I also work in front of a computer every day, and more than the regular person so perhaps that could contribute?

    On the other hand I consider myself on the very healthy spectrum, bike to work everyday, workout, swim sometimes all in the same day, eat well and pretty moderate with alcohol. So I’m not sure attributing it to being “healthy” is correct. I’m thinking it’s just one particular part of my diet though…

  9. I once had a big problem with seeing a large amount of floaters along with black dots that would follow my vision just like floaters. I talked to my aunt who is an ophthamologist and she examined my eyes and said I had toxoplasmosis which could lead to serious problems including blindness if left untreated, but luckily it remains dorment. Moral is: sometimes they aren’t simply floaters, and you should always check with a professional before assuming anything.

  10. What a very consoling article! I have noticed floaters for 35 years but they increased suddenly at the weekend. I went to see a specialist who said all was ok and I would just get used to them. They are a nuisence at the moment but I will persist. Thank you to whoever wrote this article – I feel better now and will look at the moon with pleasure!

  11. Thank you. I have been looking for real eye floaters treatment for a long time now. I want to avoid surgery at all costs, though. I hope following these tips will actually help me. Thanks to the author of this very rational piece.

  12. I began following a plant-based diet, eating very little meat and taking whole food supplements. After a few years, my floaters decreased and are now completely gone. I also eliminated dairy and only eat organic meat and eggs.

  13. I feel better after reading the article and some of the comments,surely i just cant ignore it,it worries me a lot that i keep reaching and find this article,welling to all the advice i read, it just i dont drink any alcohol let alone red wine,dont like veg(selective).Anyway.i do try all the suggestions.Hope after few months i have none of this.

  14. I had to use eye drops once a day to reduce pressure in my eyes
    first eye drops were Xalatan.which were administered before bed and the drops I am now using is Ganfort which I put first thing in the morning The annoying floats have disappeared

  15. I will add that I had vitreous detachment in both eyes which resulted in a \”sky full\” of black dots as well as huge floaters that look like spiders and all form of debris. Very disturbing. Saw the opth who diagnosed. Fortunately, no retina detachment. It seems learning to ignore them is the key, and as you all know that is extremely difficult. My best success in doing so has been to literally get in my car and drive cross country. It forces me to ignore them. The object is to have your mind focus on something else that pulls you out of thinking about them. Are they still there? Of course, but we are coexisting better!

  16. I\’m going crazy because of these tiny monsters!!! I\’ve lived with floaters for 15 years now and they must have come and gone a few times, but, now that I\’m thinking about it maybe it was just me ignoring them. Life is becoming difficult to enjoy to any degree as everything I experience is tainted by this affliction.

  17. i m also encountering the problem of floater for 15 days(5 oct 2010)i am only 19 years 0ld boy. i consult to a India biggest hospital i,e AIIMS, doctor saw my eye recommended me some check up and finally he told there is no cure for floater only u start trying to ignore them it will remove by the time and also told me that if the dot(floater) appears more in numbers
    or it seems like red colours then plz come to me.
    friends mail me if there is some treatment(deepakdgates@gmail.com).i also lost my one eye since my childhood, now encountering this problem
    i need yours help.THANKYOU

  18. I am a vegan, eat organic- and don\’t drink acohol. I agree your heart needs to be in a good state, but so too, does your liver kidneys and gall bladder and doing something to stay calm – ie balanced and de-stressed every day is important.I\’ve had eye problems and they resulted from a terribly stressful year from which I\’ve had to do a lot to recover. Also recommend no wheat as eliminating excess mucous from the body, including all the organs is important. Also something which gets the blood flowing to the head each day….

  19. After receiving an eye injection for treatment of macular degeneration on the 7th time on one eye it immediately developed small black rings with yellow light in center – doctor called these floaters. Said I would have to live with them. This was 5 months ago – no change. This is not the ordinary floaters that I have been accustomed to for many years. I feel that I sustained an injury and hesitate to now return for more treatment for macular degeneration. I am 83 in good health. I wonder what danger my sight is in due to this. It only bothers me when I try to read. I still drive my car. Is there someone in Sacramento area who can help me with this?

  20. Hi! I have a bunch of floaters that bother me a lot. But, I just wanted to say to Florence (post above me) that what she has sounds different to normal floaters. I\’ve never heard of anything like that. Perhaps, you have suffered some sort of injury from that shot. I\’m no eye doctor or anything, but I would recommend you see another eye specialist and ask them about it. Perhaps the doctor that put the injection in your eye just didn\’t want to own up to his mistake. Good luck!! hope you feel better.

  21. Thank you for all this valuable information. I used to get lots of floaters when I was approximately 13 years old and played volleyball. Everytime we went to the beach to run early in the morning I would develop floaters. Now, I am 44 and I was cycling yesterday and developed floaters ones more. I cycle at least 3 times a week for one hour. I stopped cycling and the floaters lasted approximately 1 hour. Ones I got home and had something to eat they went away. I do believe diet has a lot to do with it since I have been eating candy. My boss has baskets of candy and I have a sweet tooth. Thanks again for all the information posted. Will drink more water and eat vegetables. They are very annoying.

  22. Thanks for the info on staring at the moon, I think it will help me and I have always been too afraid to try that cos my eyes are usually sensitive to light objects. What other remedies are there? I\’ve heard carrots are very good for your eyes so I try and eat one or so a day, is doing eye excersises good as well? like moving your eyes around in circles?

  23. I too suffer from floaters and dots in both eyes. I\’ve been to my eye specialist several weeks ago as I go every year for another eye problem, diagnosed as Macular Dystrophy in my right eye. However, this in not Macular Degeneration, but a form of it. One thing that I\’ve learned from reading this is that some people have had this come on since they started excersing with heavy weights. You know it kind of makes sense. I started with heavy weights in the last 60 days and thats when this problem took off. The article went on to say that heavy weights or excersis causes one to put pressure on the eye while grunting to get the excersis done. Am interested in everyones thoughts!

  24. {1/5} (Sorry for my post being over next few messages, there seems to be a tight limit on words and I wanted my post to be as comprehensive as possible)
    It seems there is quite a huge community of \’floatiers\’ (we have to cheer ourselves up somehow…) around the world. I have developed my first floaters a year and a half ago. It started with me going through exams period (I was 19 at the time, 21 as of today), doing heavy weight lifting, having tonsillitis and A LOT of other life related stresses at the same time. And then one day I woke up seeing some sort of floating thing. I went to see my GP and he referred me to an option the same day, to check if it is not a retina detachment (which requires immediate eye surgery to save your vision).

  25. {2/5}When I went to see the optician, he said that I was perfectly fine, and there are hundreds of hundreds of reasons why one might develop floaters and there is not much to do about it (except of a £5000 eye surgery to replace the eye vitreous [clear gel inside the eye] with saline injection. By the way, this surgery more often develops more floaters and blurry vision instead of doing any help). I was sort of happy (that it is not a retina detachment) and sad (that there is no real cure) at the same time.

  26. {3/5}Since then I have seen many (4-5 in a year and a half) professional opticians and they have said the same thing. Not much you can do about it, but try to ignore them and you might just be among the lucky few who actually stop seeing them with time.
    A few other “solutions” that I was provided with from them included:
    1. Taking prescription iodine eye drops for a month (mainly to stop more floated developing). They used to sting like hell though.
    2. Eating a spoonful of natural honey in the morning and evening.
    3. No weight lifting! (One of my life passions)
    4. Healthy diet (I was on a healthy one for the most of my life)
    5. Getting rid of stress! (Advised by many as the best cure there is! However, I haven’t figured out how to implement it yet…)
    6. Taking fish oil supplements or eating a lot of oily (i.e. salmon) fish.
    7. Doing yoga (to relieve pressure on the nerves in many parts of the body).

  27. {4/5}As of my life style now, I have stopped doing any weight lifting, now I do yoga instead. My diet is now very healthy (vegs, green leafs, oily fish, whole grain, and no alcohol), as it was before I have developed floaters. Another thing that I have found helpful is staying away from your laptop, PC and TV. Especially PC and laptop! The less stress your eyes incur the better. Furthermore, most of us have poor sitting position, which puts a lot of pressure on spine nerves, and makes you see more and more annoying floaters.

  28. {5/5}As far as I now know the best cure for floaters is to get rid of stress from your life. This is the best solution, which have worked for many. However, I have no idea how to make the nowadays lifestyle less stressful…
    Hope that my experiences so far will help you not to feel like you are alone (there is a lot of us out there!) and might even help to get better!
    Best wishes to you all and say no to the word FLOAT! (Unless you are one a ship, though)

  29. I do not have floaters but my Mom developed them at age 55 (my age now). I am doing research for us both. Not sure if the moon helps but I will have to admit I have been a night sky watcher all my life. Looking at that beautiful moon is part of it. I also have never eaten much meat. I am not a vegetarian, but I could be with little effort. Mom is diabetic and her sugars have been all over the place until she moved in with me 2 years ago. She is now eating more like I eat and her eyes have improved and she has lost 55 pounds. Now if I can get her to start walking with me every day we will have it all covered. Neither of us drink alcohol so I do not think we will try the red wine. Good luck everyone.

  30. Floaters are annoying. I have spaghetti like floaters all the time. I\’m going to try the advice herein. I saw the eye specialist, same story; no problem, deal with it. I have experience self-healing and believe that to be the answer coupled with a good diet, exercise, and ignorance, of the floaters of course. LOL. Cheers fellow floaters!

  31. I\’m 24 years old and I just started getting floaters about2 days ago…I thought it was something seriously wrong with me until my mom,aunt,and boyfriend told me they have them also.the good thing about it in my case is that I only see it in my left eye.its very annoying still.I just hope that in due time it goes away.but it won\’t hurt 2 change my diet because it just may be the reason.

  32. I\’m 24 and have had floaters since i was around 14. I\’ve found them extremely annoying at times (ignoring them doesn\’t help), as they have increased over the last couple of years, i will be trying the diet change though. Doctors have always said that there is no cure. I\’m not looking for a cure, just something to maybe decrease and some way of possibly gradualy stopping them.

  33. I\’m 63 and have had floaters for many years. Mostly I have been able to ignore them but lately one has been in the \’center\’ of my left eye which it difficult to read – like looking through a fog.


  35. these floaters are getting worse day by day, God help us all, it;s a problem, much uglyer then cancer I tell you. :( daramus_bogdan @ yahoo.com if you feel the need to discuss

  36. TO ANONYM:

    Yes, apparently weightlifting is responsible for eye floaters. It is because the eye pressure increases greatly as you hold your breath to push/pull heavy weights. This causes micro fractures, and tiny particale detachments of retina. This wouldn\’t be such a huge problem, but then something wrong happens in the body and those tiny particles clump together. And here we go – curvy, groovy, weby floaters having a party in our eyes.

  37. I don\’t see how I can ignore something that constantly obstructs my vision. I\’m forever removing my glasses and cleaning them in the hopes they\’re just smudged, but they\’re not…my vision is cloudy and it\’s really starting to bother me…especially when driving, reading, putting on makeup, or watching television…or any other time I really want to see clearly…which is all the time, really…it\’s just really annoying, and I wish they would go away!!

  38. i had eye flashes recently and i was seen by an opthalmologist who assured me that there is no pathology > he advised me to wait and watch the symptoms ] ithey inccrease i should report to him immediately> is this correct?

  39. Two things,one iv had them sence I was an infant(I\’m 11 now) and more have progressed u said longer u had them,less progress.and two,I don\’t only see them in sky I see them in places most people wouldn\’t see them…how can I ignore it now? Please answer on you tube channel at YouTube.com/TheZombieKiller111

  40. I have the experiences of floaters since my senses developed, they were 4-5 in numbers in those days. Now I m 38 and their numbers are moreover same but these floaters started irritating me since 17 years ago when this disorder was detected while participating in a shooting competition. I think these floaters are also responsible for flashing eyes.

  41. I have had eye floaters for around 10 years now. I also suffer from flashes periodically. Visisted several Opthals and Optometrists and have said my eyes are perfectly healthy with no damage at all to all components.

    I am 38 years old. I can mostly ignore them except when I fixate on them especially in a light flourescent light room with white walls (my office) so I just turn the lights off! Just gets frustrating!!!

    I did go visit a Doctor on the West Coast of the US who claims he can use a YAG laser to vapourise them but after looking at mine he said that they were too close to the Retina to safely treat… he also mentioend that he had hit another patients retina and left him with a permenant blind spot so, needless to say I this put me off anyway! Sometimes I think we ahve to be thankfull for what we have. Floaters are not the end of the world… we could be a lot worse off!

  42. I\’ve had my floaters for a year now. In the beginning I saw little dots that come and go for many times. Yes, it\’s really disturbing me. Few months after that, I started seeing spider webs, dots, blur vision and flashlight. The worse thing is I can feel so much pain around my right eye, and sometimes very painful headache. I came to visit few doctors and none of them can tell me why I had it, yet.
    Maybe I\’ll try the diet and start doing yoga as well. Thank you for sharing peeps :)
    GBU all.

  43. I started seeing floaters 2 weeks ago. I\’m 32 years old. I have a couple that that the spaghetti-ish appearance, but also have a couple dots too.

    My diet is anything but great. I have too much sugar, not enough water, and very little vegetables. I will be changing that starting today (*that* is going to be hard).

    I came across a site about a doctor using (and the inventor of) a YAG laser.


    I read every single page on the site. It sounds very promising, but like many others, I\’m hesitant (not to mention it cost close to $2K).

    What are your guys\’s thoughts on that site? (eyefloaters.com). My ophthalmologist immediately said \”Don\’t even *think* about doing that\” (which kind of aligns with how Dr. Karickhoff states that most will react that way). She got rather offended (it seems) too. ;)

    I also have a little bit of OCD and continue to focus on the floaters. It\’s proving hard not to :(

  44. I have had floaters and light flashes that continued to get worse for years. Result was iron deficient mainly. Changed to organic diet, plenty of water and supplements. Rebounding for exercising. Breathing deep oxygen, became more spiritual and caring and never have anymore problems. Change your life! If bad food choices made you sick, try good food choices to make you well. How can you get life from dead food?

  45. I just developed flashes & floaters a week ago. My doctor said it\’s not serious at this point, but told me not to bend over, strain, or lift anything heavier than 5 pounds for 2 weeks until he checks again. My retina is not detached, but there is a bit of separation. I\’m thinking the weight lifters need to be careful and maybe hold off if they\’re seeing problems after lifting.

  46. Hi everyone,

    I have had floaters for as long as I can remember & I\’m 33 now. They come and go in terms of severity and are never totally away from my line of vision.

    Can anyone recommend any natural solutions for this, I\’m skeptical of everything I\’ve read.


  47. Try the acid/alkaline PH test. Buy the strips from a health food store. Pee on the strip in the morning. It will tell if you are acid or alkaline. Then check the web on the diet for alkaline solutions. I stopped coffee, sugar, dairy and added Perfect Food from Garden of Life at the health food store. Got alkaline in a week and lots of issues in my body have been solved. Also bought the Kangan water device for alkaline water and will start that soon.

  48. Thanks all. Acid/Alkaline aspect sounds right. Am having floater wisp like a bubble seemed like a bug at first. Could be more than usual coffee in recent days and gave blood so metabolism is off. Diet is vegetable based with fish tofu cheese & yogurt and I exercise moderately all the time. Will cutback on dairy and coffee and report back. Best to all for good sight.

  49. I am 21 years old and about 3 months ago i noticed about 20 floaters in both eyes. I am a math major and concider myself to be very very very mentally strong. many view floaters as a curse however, its all how you \”look\” at the situation. Its true, the brain is AMAZING and WE all have the power to mentally block out floaters. Use this blessing \”floaters\” to strenghten your brain! learn to use more than just 10% of your brain. take the challange and run with it. Im saying this to give hope to people with vision impairments…you can overcome this. its just hard!

  50. I stared at the moon all night. I didn\’t see any difference with the floaters but I did notice the hair on my arms and hands began to grow thicker and I had this uncontrollable urge to howl. I also had the strongest hunger for lamb chops.

  51. I have noticed a change in my floaters since I\’ve changed my eatting habits. It\’s hard to not want to focus on them at times, but I do try to forget. Daylight and computers are now my enemy as the glare causes the floaters to become more noticeable. But as Shirleen said, a girls gotta work. LOL We all just have to stay positive as we could have no vision at all. I\’m going to start starring at the moon now. Anything is worth a try to get rid of these ulgy lines in my vision. Wolfgang – your too funny, maybe I\’ll start howling too.

  52. Hi, my name is Chandler and I have a similar problem to this. When I look at the sky, my computer screen ( sometimes ), my white walls in my bedroom, and the clouds, I see usually what seems to be a black dot. But when I focus in more on this black dot it\’s more of a wiggly line, wherever I move my RIGHT eye, it follows. My grandfather was diagnosed with Retinal Detachment and thats what he said I probably have. But usually Retinal Detachment is caused by fighting, getting hit in the eye, and old age. I don\’t know what to do, I have bad anxiety and it scars the living SHIT out of me, currently; since I just moved to another state, I have no family doctor yet nor an eye doctor.

  53. The people who wrote this article obviously are not familiar with floaters that obscure and blur your vision. You can\’t IGNORE looking through a large, grey patch that not only blocks out light but distorts the image AND GIVES YOU BLURRY VISION. You can NOT ignore that! This is absurd. They are obviously trying to sell us something. It\’s a shame that we live in a world where advertisers can blatantly lie and get away with it.

  54. I cannot believe there is no technical cure for this condition. If lasers can correct vision, there must be an instrument that can \”zap\” these huge vitreous blobs with strands..my eye doctor insists there is nothing..that does not have serious risk to your vision.

  55. Ive had floaters for just over a year, im 25. My job as an ornithologist means im constantly looking into the sky, therefore i see them much worse than if i lived in a dark room. Sometimes i confuse floaters for birds which is annoying. Anyway, I drink alot of alcohol, which is mostly beer, so i\’ll swap that for red wine and see what happens.

  56. i am 25 yrs old , i am having floaters since a year and i have family history of retina problems,because of which my dad is blind in one eye,my doc told me that as of now everything is normal but i have 10 times higher chances of developing problems,this has left me very depressed and worried………i am a bibliomaniac and cant imagine life without books and reading.also can any one tell if excessive masturbation or sex could be the reason for floaters ?does that activity increase the pressure in the eye ??

  57. I want to be a guinea pig for any experimental drug on the market that can eliminate floaters. I don\’t care about anything else in life right now, other than getting rid of my floaters. I am 54 yrs. old, have had them ALL my life, had to listen to every FRIGGIN doctor tell me there is no cure, and I have seen them worsen \”right before my eyes\” in recent years. In BOTH eyes, I have milky white globs, I have \”eyelash-shaped\” floaters, hundreds of strands, floaters that change white colors to beige color. I have them settle in front of my retina casting their shadows so I have trouble driving at night, following a golf ball, following a baseball, or something as simple as reading the newspaper. So to all you sufferers out there…fear not, as you have now met THE PERSON WITH THE WORSE CASE OF FLOATERS!!!

  58. I also see them everywhere outside in the house , i just can\’t stop seing them . Sometimes i can hardly keep my eyes open because i feel alot of pressure i will try everything hope it helps.

  59. The first time I noticed floaters was back in High School. I had a couple small ones, barely noticeable, and one long one that was more noticeable. They have increased in numbers through the years. I compare it to a Snow Globe! Move your eyes they go crazy, and the fall when eyes are still….
    Every now and then I would move my eye a floater will move just right and I would swear I saw a bug or something run across the floor. I would freak out thinking it was a mouse or a big bug scurrying across the floor . When I didn\’t see anything I then realized it must have been a floater. LOL

  60. I have never been concerned about them until recently when I bought a new computer and didn\’t think about them, unless I noticed them in a bright light and even though they bother me when using the computer, they don\’t bother me when doing other things, outside or watching tv.
    Since I have gotten the new iMac 27in HD (awesome computer by they way, beautiful images) My floaters have really started bothering me.
    I have used computers for years and even for several hours a day for work and I may notice them from time to time, but Not really bother me. But, since this new HD computer they bother me all the time.
    Sometimes when I am reading text on the computer reading becomes difficult. Some floaters will float in front of the words and I can\’t read it, have to move my head to see better. Now that the floaters are bothering me me they bother me on my non-HD computer I use for work as well.

  61. I have changed the brightness on the computer, and even tried the white on black for vision impaired. That really helped reduce the irritation, but using that, it distorts images, making them look like x-rays. Mac does not allow you to change color schemes like you can with Windows.
    I can\’t count how many times I have changed the lighting in the room. I have also moved my office into a different room with less daylight and am able to control the lighting better. That helped a tiny bit but I still have to change the intensity of the lighting through out the day.

  62. And I do see and have always been able to see them in darker settings.
    I have noticed that they do not bother me as much when looking at things that are further away. Like outside on a bright day or the tv across the room, I only see them when I think about it.
    Its the HD screen. I have looked on the internet for the Anti Glare screen that goes over the screen but haven\’t found any that are large enough. This weekend I am going to buy some window tint, the lightest color I can find. Hopefully that will help.

  63. Have been living with floaters in the right eye for over 30 years. (A pain to deal with when using a microscope!) The condition worsened recently, and I think it was due to increased stress, and high blood glucose. Will be exercising more, watching the diet, staring at the moon and retiring. Thanks the for article

  64. hi am patrick i am 13 and i have had eye floaters for quite some time now i went for an eye test they said everything was alright but the floaters are still there i see them everyday on the tv in the light everywere acept the dark but am getting scird now and angry

  65. After reading the comments about weight lifting(which I don\’t do) it got me to thinking about what I did this last week when foaters appeared. I used an inversion bed for spinal decompression applying 100# of pressure with my arms on the bed handles (similar to lifting weights). Also, did excessive straining when I was constipated earlier in the week. Does seem these kinds of pressures puts excessive strain of the eyes. Just a warning and something for others to think about.

  66. Eye floaters are caused but several factors. But the most common factor and the one that probably affects you, if you are an American, is Candida. It\’s an overgrowth of natural yeast in the body. It is caused by eating too much sugar.
    Google \”CNC Diet\” and click \”useful links\”
    then scroll down and
    click \”Candida Symptoms and Information\”
    read about it. If you Have many of the symptoms listed then YOUR floaters ARE caused by an overgrowth of candida. I did the diet and noticed a large reduction in the amount of floaters in my eyes. Good Luck ,
    \”The cure is knowledge.\”

  67. Hey, I have floaters too. I see them any time I look at \”white objects\” or in other words \”light- colored objects\” I hate the fact of Surgery, as I already took one when I was a baby.I can\’t enjoy my life because of them, I try to avoid them, but they just keep coming where ever I go. Is there anyway to stop them PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Hi , I m from pakistan and i have floaters since i was 12 now im 30.Firstly when they appeared i thought its some type of eye cancer (Thanks God its not ) .I visited to many doctors here during mid and late 90\’s but they didnt found any thing some people and doctors laughed at me when i stated to told them.So i just ignored them and start living with them & thought that im the only person living with them.I even dont know what these are called even april-2011.One day i just googled eye diseses.I just saw word \”Eye Floaters\”.From that day im thanking God Almighty that im not alone :) .So its a long long time that im living with them.But I always thanks God that i can see the world around me.

  69. Hi there ,I am 18 and have had very annoying eye floaters for 7 months now , I got very worried about them and when I went to the optictions they told me that they are nothing to worry about just try and ignore them which has been backed up from what people have said here , however I have also discovered that after reading this , I may have found the cuase of these floaters , some people have said weightlifting cause strain on the eyes which develops this floaters and I regulary weightlift on average 4/5 days a week.However I have no intention of stopping weightlifting has its something I really enjoy, I try to ingmore them but its impossible at time, there are cures for many thing but not something like this ,its unfair , it would be a huge weight of my shoulders if I can eliminate these floaters , are this vitimin c\’s any good from use of others on here ?

  70. To who ever wrote the article above:
    Thank you so much for the tip of looking at the moon for a short while, to get rid of the floaters i have in my eye sight. It\’s funny though because at first i thought , that the floaters in my eye sight, were the impression of flying bugs that few into my eyes outside, like the type of bug called a tiny little nat bug, or that it could of extremely small blood vessels in my eyes that might burst, but i kind of doubted that because i do go to the eye docter, and he\’s never spotted anything bad inside my eyes before.

  71. Hi I\’m David and I would like to share that I started getting floaters at around the age of 14 which seems very young compared to most people. I\’m now 17 and I have to say that I don\’t really think about them anymore though occasionally if I am reading in a bright room they can be annoying. Also, they began to occur just before I became slightly short sighted but I don\’t really know if that has anything whatsoever to do with them. The eye floaters used to really annoy me but you will get used to them if you have them, eventually as mentioned, your brain will ignore them and it will be like they are not there. I can\’t speak for everyone of course as many of you may be less fortunate and have a worse extent of eye floaters than I.

  72. I am so thankful for all the input by all you who are experiencing floaters.I have one that looks like a 3-D knat flying aroung my eye. Went to the eye Dr. same story ignore it and maybe it will go away.I have only had it one week and am 71 years old. Now I feel lucky it did not happen sooner as some of you.I am trying the moon tonight and oh yes the wine sounded good also.

  73. Had floaters since I can remember. They seem to get worse after I drink idk why. I only see them if I look down then suddenly look up and around. It sucks! it pisses me off but ive seen an eye doctor and like every answer \”dont pay attention to them\” ha well i just started taking an eye vitamin called occuguard plus so we\’ll see how that goes!

  74. I just started seeing floaters a few months ago and it made me really nervous. I had my eyes checked and the eye doc was not too concerned. I found out that my sister has had the problem for years and my mom also sees floaters. Maybe it\’s hereditary? Well, this article does make me feel better and seeing all the comments from people makes me feel not so alone!

  75. Hi, I\’m 20, and I have had eye floaters for about 1 year now. I got my eyes tested right after I first discovered I had a few and my eyes checked out fine. I got the same story as everyone else \”you\’ll just have to ignore them\”. I get my eyes checked once a year now, and I\’m trying to live as healthy as possible. I\’ve gotten a few more in this last year, and I\’m worried at that rate, I\’ll have nothing but floaters in my vision by 30. My question to you all is \”how many floaters do you have\”? I have 4 in my right eye and I don\’t think any in my left.

  76. I have toxoplasmosis, dormant since I was about 14, in my right eye. At that time, it was found that that the several previous active infections had caused so much scar tissue on my macula, that one more could lead to blindness. I was put on heavy medications by a macula specialist, and it went dormant. The floaters led to the discovery of toxoplasmosis. Which I sort of ignored until I was about 12 and could describe them to someone. So they should NOT be ignored if new, see a Dr before looking at your diet, lifting or gazing at the moon. Just today I saw more than I have ever seen. I am scared. I am making an appt with the same macula specialist tat is still in practice.

  77. And an opthamologist should look, by dilating the eyes with drops and looking in with a special microscope, they also take pictures of the inside of the eye.

  78. It is mainly scar tissue in different places in the eye that cause this. The floaters are a projection of scar tissue. It seems people don;t really know what they are.

  79. I have floaters since i was 10. Have been having floaters for 7 years now. But recently, i see new floaters in my left eye. I got rather worried. Is it due to the fact that i tend to rub my eyes often that causes cracks in my eyes, thus resulting in floaters? They are so annoying sometimes =(

  80. My eye floaters developed 5 months after LASIK surgery. No floaters before. I now have 4 or 5 long lines in my left eye as well as several see through bubbles. At first they caused me so much stress and anxiety. I am trying to adapt and am even getting help though cognitive behavioral therapy. I certainly think by focusing our thoughts on them makes them appear more pronounced. They are a real pain but I believe that the human mind will eventually adapt and accept them as background noise. Some people have serious eye floaters that can disrupt vision. This must be very hard. I\’m confident that safer techniques to remove eye floaters will become available in the future what with a growing elderly population and advances in medical technology.

  81. i have eye floaters sence i know me::))..they apear like red spider webs when the sun light enter in to my eye from a different ungle….but they are painless so i never take them serious…but recently i\’ve search and i\’ve found out that they my bee a begining of retine detachment…does anyone know something??

  82. Good article but you should ALWAYS see an Ophthalmologist NOT an Optometrist (big difference)if you are having issues with your eyes. They are nothing to toy with. Espesically, if you have diabetes. Exercising your eyes helps, without moving your head look to the right 5 seconds then to the left 5 seconds now look up and down for 5 seconds. Next look at something that is very far away and then something close up all for 5 seconds. Repeat often. WEAR GLASSES. As far as the moon thing goes, I think it would help because of all the details in its surface and because of the surrounding darkness. Light can strain the eyes. Eating right is very important. Dropping sugar & alochol only makes sense.

  83. I am 30 years old and have had the gray floaters in both eyes for a few years. A few months ago I began to see a black floater in my right eye. I immediately contact my eye doctor who said it was nothing to worry about. I eat a very healthy diet, execise and take supplements. I was glad when I found this board and read all of the individual stories and felt relieved. It is very scary to have floaters but I guess it is part of the again process.

  84. I hate my floater! I play baseball, and my floater is always in the way! I have perfect vision, but the floater takes up lots of space in my eyes to see.
    In baseball when the pitch is coming, my floater distracts me and I do bad

  85. My brother took eyebright, he says his floaters are all gone. belberry is good for eyes too. In vitamins, you can buy decent prices of complexes for eyes. Vitamin A is excellent for the eyes. Carrots especially and vegetables.Stay away from man made surgery food.

  86. I am having this stupid things floaters 4 how many yrs , i dont knoe , i think the reason for developing is glasses which i asm wearing for 12 yrs. these floaters are 2 in number in both eyes and like thread , comes whenever i try to concentrate and see, i m sad i have it , and say to readers that dont rely on these opthalmologists as they are the person for ur glasses & ultimately this floaters , they are having all financial gains to play with eyes of people .

  87. I first encountered floaters in my right eye only after trying exercises for my eyes and, perhaps, managed to over-do it. Like most have commented already, one eventually gets used to them. 2 years after losing my job, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and manage to control it now with Fluoxetine (Prozac). I\’m now taking vitamin B-12 which has been miraculous in bringing stamina back. Ever since I started taking in addition Paldo Aloe Vera BOTH my eyesight and floaters have improved. I can see my TV from across the room. My right eye perfectly, my left eye slightly blurry, but without need of glasses. I used to be able to look to the side and the floater would come into view at will. Sometimes sharp as a tack for a second then blurring again. Now, as I write this, I barely see a faint smudge come into view. The Aloe Vera drink cleanses your body dramatically. At least it has worked for me. I\’m 61.

  88. If my eye floaters start to dominate my vision I use sound therapy developed by French ear specialist Dr Alfred Tomatis. This therapy seems to put them into the background again. I\’ll also commence my nightly dose of looking at the moon too as I\’m inspired by reading this great article. Thank you

  89. I just got diagnosed today…and aside from total depression…been planning on my \’Seeing Eye-Dog\’ Thank You So Much..No More Depression.
    .Not Doing It…

  90. Well, i had been nearsighted since birth.But i noticed floaters about 6 months after completing university.It is damn crazy. I see some spider-like strands in my left eye, and some faint brownish strands in right eye.I think and have great conviction that if conventional medicine can\’t help,as it has failed with HIV AIDS too, then i believe recent surge in energy healing such as the Tao, reiki, pranic healing etc can be of help. But with this, one thing is assured. You have to have a dauntless faith that you will get healed. Grand master Chui koak narrates grand feats achieved with energy healing in all diaspora in his book \’Pranic healing\’. Energy-healer Robert Bruce has talked of similar feats in his \’Online works of Robert Bruce\’. Mantak Chia has also recounted such feats in his \’ Awaken the healing light of the Tao\’. We all have to give it a try. Energy healing is non-invasive unlike western medicine.

  91. I am new to the world of floater; I\’ve only had them a few days and they are not welcome. I have an appointment with a retina specialist soon, but computer work ( which I do alot) is really fustrating. Is there any truth to the working out theory? There are so many benefits I hate to stop weight lifting in order to minimize the floaters. Also, is stress correlated to these floaters? Thanks for your comments

  92. I developed a floater in my left eye over a year and a half ago and went to the opthamologist who told me exactly what you all have been saying. This weekend my right eye started flashing and I went to another doc cuz mine was on vacation. He said no tears but then he used a qtip pressing hard and said he was looking at my retina. Guess what, I now have a ton of floaters in that eye instead of just the one. I am wondering if he made it worse? Any thoughts anyone? I am sick about this also.

  93. I do find such comments interesting and helpful. BUT – I am so confused! I\’ve had floaters since I was a teenager and whilst I found them annoying I learnt to live with them. Over the last few years my floaters have got MUCH worse. To the extent now that I have very blurred vision when the worse of them move over my central field of vision. I CANNOT ignore them now – as much as I\’d like to! I even think I shouldn\’t be driving any more. I am confused when some people say they can come and go. How? If the liquid they are in stays for a lifetime I cannot see how they can getter any better – ever – save for them breaking down into smaller parts. Help!! Mike – 50 years old in Norfolk, England. UK

  94. I notice if I stay in a less brightened area I don\’t notice them as much. I been experiencing floaters since a very young age. What made me come to this page today was someone turned on every light in the room and they become more annoying…I was curious to see how many people experience them and also to see if they are a health risk. There is some good advice I will take and try to encourage myself to apply to my everyday life.

  95. A followup to my last message; I went to my opthamologist after having floaters apprear in my right eye about 9 days ago. The opathmologist found a horseshoe shaped tear in my retina and insisted on performing YAG lazer treatments on the tear. My floaters have actually gotten worse following the lazer treatment but what choice did I have. Anyway, my point is, see an opthamologist right away after they first appear…dont wait…because they may indicate a problem with other internal parts of the eye. Now I\’m taking it easy this weekend to allow my retina to mend and think about what I have taken for granted for 55 years….

  96. For the past 6 weeks I have been suffering terrible eyefloaters all other my vision. All of a sudden they just came, its not the clear ones either. Most of them are dark, clumpy, stringy =[. I am only 22 years old and I seriously dont want to live my life like this. I also have a daughter and another one due soon but i feel like my life has been taken over by these stupid eye floaters.

    It only started after I came back from Holiday. I was laying down and looking at the white walls aand i could see 3 or 4 obvious eye floaters. A few weeks later they just started to get worse and I now see them all the time and more have developed, 15-20 eye floaters. I did bump my head playing football, could this be the cause?

    Everytime I look down then up they all float across my vision.

  97. I do lift weights at the Gym to keep in shape but surely this cant be the reason for my Floaters? I havent been to the Gym for 3 weeks as im scared its going to make it worse but its got worse anyways. My diet is good, im always eatting healthy

    I have had numerous eye tests and they say my eyes are fine. I have even been up the eye hospital as ive been that scared.

    I aslo spend 10 hours a day behind computer screens doing shift work so i spose thats not helping either?

    Please somebody find a solution for this. I cant live like this

  98. I have been noticing floaters in my eyes off and on for years. But they really got worse after I banged my head a few years ago. They slowly went away, but came back a few days ago. My Doc told me to try to ignore them. Sometimes I can. Sometimes I cannot.

  99. I have had Floaters for a couple of years and after i period of time learned to Ignore them, until recently i went to see a retina specialist. I got to know that i have holes in my retina, which could lead to retina detachment. The floaters i have are due to the holes in the retina. It is not in all cases, but just in case do get a check up.

  100. I am so glad I found this site. I thought it was just me that had these things so badly. I have been to see a consultant twice because I constantly have large misty areas as if my glasses have filthy lenses and \”spiders etc\” falling past my eyes. I actually thought I had a spider in my teacup once!! He said nothing is wrong and I would have to learn to live with them, also got the bit about the brain will ignore them. That was 2 years ago and my life is becoming a misery with these things. Even driving now can be a problem at times. Helps to know I\’m not the only one. ps I am 62 and have always had dreadful shortsightedness, this is part of the problem I suppose.

  101. Well, it\’s good to see I\’m not alone in the world of fighting and trying to get rid of eye floaters. In my right eye, I am seeing a little small circular shaped floater the color of my eye with what looks to be a hair extending from it go all over my right eye. It freaking drives me insane.

    In my left eye, there is like a grub-worm like floater that moves on its own, it\’s like its alive or something, it has a tail. It\’s like a dragon-shaped, tubular shaped worm creature thingamajiggy. It drives me crazy. I\’m thinking I\’m getting these floaters because of my recent long times spent driving on the interstate to work and back. I wish they would go away!

  102. I am 20 years young, depressed, sad and desperate. The only thing that matters in life are those floaters. It\’s like I\’m under water. Clear vision was always so normal to me, I have healthy eyes. Now it\’s fucked up, a real mess. I don\’t like living anymore, I\’m suffering 6 months now and they haven\’t changed a thing. I really don\’t know what to do but hoping to get a surgery. I lost my girlfriend, my smile, my joy to live.

  103. Lorenz, please hang in there. You\’re 20 years young and will no doubt benefit from the cure they find with all the research going on. Please take it one day at a time.

  104. I notice alot of comments and questions on here but not one answer I need something now for my eyes because I can not stand it anymore and im only 21 I have hundreds of these things and the eye doctor says my eyes are fine. Helppp

  105. I am 50 years old and have eye floaters for a long time but I was used to it until recently while reading in a hot summer day I felt something went loose inside my eyes with some pain that lasted for over a week – it was a brand new eye floater and this one is transparent and very annoying indeed. hope a doctor can come up with a solution for these things soon.

  106. I had Lasix surgery 10 yrs. ago – what a mistake. It left me with severe dry eye and since then have many large floaters in both eyes. This causes severe glare which limits what I do. I keep hoping that someday someone will come up with a cure. It definitely does affect one\’s life but we all just have to keep the faith!

  107. Why is weightlifting bad? And, what has it got to do with floaters? You can\’t just say that without backing it up with facts, literature, personal experience, intuition, divine channeling, or, a visit from a UFO… Something! Or was it inspired knowledge sent from your own floaters?

  108. Thank you for all this very valuable information…eye floaters definitely come and go to some degree and I have had them very bad at times and then hardly noticeable at other times. Something I have found helpful is to actually \”will\” them to go away….i.e. I actually tell them to go away, and then forget about them, and amazingly enough they really do lessen. Hope this helps…?

  109. BEWARE! Floaters in the eye can be a symptom of AMD and GLAUCOMA. Both AMD and Glaucoma are again asymptomatic of diabetes. Ask yourself are you over weight? Do you have thirsts? Does diabetes run in your family? For AMD, did any parents have really large glasses? Do you drink too much alcohol? See your optometrist or optician – get an eye pressure test! See a professional before going on the internet!

  110. Go to an optometrist or optician and get them to do a pressure test on your eyes. AMD is Age Related Macular Degeneration, basically the back of your eye breaks down and causes floaters end result is blindness! It causes floaters in the first part of the disease but it can be slowed down and in most cases stopped but not reversed if left too late!

  111. I began seeing eye floaters at 11. its relates to sports and pressure in the eyes. Everytime I have a period of time doing weight lifting I develop eye floaters. Also I was in a fighting sport at 12 years old, and I noticed a lot of flashes in the middle of the fight. I remember I was nervous that day and maybe something caused me to see those flashes, after some days I noticed th eye floaters.

  112. Yeah right ignore them, I can see through em 1/2 the time anymore, I can only see properly out of 1 eye, I\’d love to ignore em but my vision is too blurred by them. I used to be avle to look around quickly and that would psh them out of the way. It doesn\’t work anynmore and I am getting concerned about driving etc.

  113. I agree with Steve\’s comment above Normal floaters that appear as a spect or stand can be ignored over time However after cataract surgury i now have a superfluous like veil moving back and forth in both eyes I strongly recomment that anyone considering cataract surgury ask their doctor about this I did but too late I\’d never have had the surgery if i had known it could cause this condition

  114. I\’m also 24 and they are also only on my left eye. I\’m all day sitting at the computer, I don\’t do excercise, but I\’ve got a healthy diet. I\’ll get back to swimming to see if it helps. These things are driving me nuts.

  115. I am surprised about your information. I had many disturbing floaters due to RETINA DETACHMENT so you suggestions are useless. They obscure my vision so it is not something which you can forget or avoid. Is there anything to get rid of them

  116. Surgery to remove the vitreous and replace it with donor vitreous or saline is a major surgery and will only be performed if eyesight is seriously impaired. If you can read and drive consider yourself lucky and just learn to accept them. Hypnosis conducted by a trained, certified hypno-therapist is often quite sucessful.

  117. Yes. Any change in vision not normal to you should be seen to immediately, especially if you experience what appears to be a curtain coming across the eye. The light flashes you are experiencing are floaters that sometimes pull on the retina which is why any change must be investigated further in case of a retina tear.

  118. Weight lifting is not recommended because it increases your blood pressure. This can lead to additional eye floaters. Contact sports are also discouraged because of their inherent risk. Imagine what a blow to your head can do to your eyes?

  119. There is a Ayurveda Doctor in Nepal, Dr Rishi Ram Koirala, he has prepared the blend of Herbal medicine and this medicine really helps to getrid of the floaters. I had floater since i was 24, but at the age of 32 i took his medicine which has to be taken with the milk and after 10 days of the doge, the floater intensity got very very light and gradually vanished. it is the best medicine and no side affect. you can contact Dr. Koirala at http://www.ayurveda.com.np

  120. I developed a large floater in my right eye that behaves like a windshield wiper. Every time I move my eye it swipes across my entire field of vision. I agree that floaters seriously decrease one’s quality of life. I received the same advice as everyone else–ignore it. Well that is much easier said than done since I can’t see through it or around it. My sympathies and condolences to all of us who suffer with these things. I’m going to try many of these suggestions that have been made including looking at the moon. If nothing else maybe staring at the moon will drive me insane and then I won’t care about the floater.

  121. I’m 19 and 2 months ago I started noticing major floaters. I have quite a few of them. They really suck. I particularly notice them when it’s sunny and I’m outside, and they’re really bad when I look at the sky. I just want there to be a cure. :( I’m actually starting to avoid going outside so that I won’t have to put up with the floaters. It’s like a nightmare I want to wake up from.

  122. Please help. I got a pretty bad black eye 4 years ago. Upon receiving the black eye, I noticed a big reddish/brown floater. Well, that went away after a couple weeks, and I had assumed it was from the eye trauma. A month after everything cleared up, or so it seemed, I started getting peripheral light flashes in that eye. Saw MD eye doctors and two retinal specialists who can’t find anything!
    Are the flashes from that floater I thought went away?!? I have had this for 3 years straight, and then off for two months, and on for two months. Does that mean it’s clearing up? Scared and depressed.

  123. my left side eye floater is getting abit obvious on my back ground.for 5 months everytime when i look at the sky i would see sparkling lights.pls tell me if i had to see a docotr(: before experiencing eye floater i was hit on the face by a football,1 to 2 days later i realise i had eye floaters.

  124. i got an eye floater on my left eye and right eye,for 5 month,but now i realise that my left eye’s eye floater is getting obvious for a while,around 10 second. Also for 5 month whenever i look up to the sky i saw sparkling lights alot of sprakling lights blinking during when the sky is bright.
    should i see a doctor?

  125. I have only one floater in my left eye, but it is so annoying. It floats around the center of my vision. I gave up on reading books because its too frustrating. I got this devil when i was about 20 and now i am 27. I have always loved sugar, but im going to cut back. Oh ya i also get flashes, about 4 times a year, they always lasts about a half hour.

  126. It really depends on which one your trying to look at. I descibed it to my doctor as everyday when i wake up its like looking into a microscope and seeing life. Most of the time i worry about what they are and what there doing. Mine apear to be fighting eachother. Focusing on them is somthing i try not to do..but often i find there activities intersting.

  127. i got an eye floater on my left eye and right eye,for 5 month,but now i realise that my left eye’s eye floater is getting obvious for a while,around 10 second. Also for 5 month whenever i look up to the sky i saw sparkling lights alot of sprakling lights blinking during when the sky is bright. should i see a doctor?

  128. fisis, i dont understand what you are saying. you only see it for 10 sec? also they shoudn\’t really be blinking or any color other than gray, off white, or black. ya you might want to see a doctor.

  129. i am now 14years old.I have floaters and psychological problems.I have lazy eye, myopia and astigmatism.every sec i see floaters especially at bright place.my father is a mechanic,he does not have many money to cure by using laser surgery ,i live in sitiawan.is my conditions now can still using computer?

  130. hi siew kang, i am 14 years old too and i have floaters since my childhood and all these years i forgot them because i didint now what they are, but in the last few weeks i have been thinking. what this clear line in my vision is?.and at first search it in the computer and suddenly i found it. anyways theres a product called vitreolent eye drops this is a natural way to erase eye floaters

  131. I\’d like to respond to the candida diet for eye floater treatment. I went on an intensive candida diet for nearly 2 years and never had any improvement for the floaters. I have heard this one before but as i said, hasn\’t been true for me.

  132. My work mate said yesterday he saw a strange bubble of sorts floating around, lol i cracked up and told him its all in his mind, but after reading up on this i have decided its a floater.
    He is going to the doctors at 4pm today but after reading all these posts its kinda a waist of time.
    Im colourblind and was woundering if any of you have floaters with colourblindness?

  133. Nutritionist is correct! Don\’t waste time and money on doctors! get on the candida diet. I went to a neurologist, got an MRI, went to an opthamologist who thought I had MS. A relative of mine has candida and I thought I would try the diet although I didn\’t have any classic symptoms. My floaters went away in two….yep. TWO days. after I followed a strict diet of quinoa, kale, almonds, scrambled eggs and shrimp, water, and spice tea (ginger, tumeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cloves). The foods were seasoned with tumeric, garlic, curry, and olive oil (sometimes salt and pepper to taste). TRY IT! I feel like a new person. Take your health back everyone!

  134. oh! ps. I had serious pressure and inflammation in my head hat made my neck stiff and felt so awful last fall. Then I got a migraine with aura last year with sudden onset of floaters and after the opthamologist thought I had MS (due to an ptic neuritis associated with this episode) and sent for an MRI. The MRI found – to use the neurologists words \”gunk\” in one of my sinus cavities. maybe it was yeast this whole time! gross. but I feel much much better after the candida diet.

  135. Great site.
    I have seen my ophthalmologist and was very concerned that I had a very serious condition.
    he informed me that he first had these floaters when he was in Medical School.
    The ophthalmologist checked for a tear and found none.
    I am going to stare at the moon tonight with my dog.
    Enjoyed reading the responses.

  136. Hi! I\’m 13 and I had these for already 2 years but i\’m afraid to tell my parents to take me to an eye doctor and my vision is getting wierd :( pls help me im gonna do the moon thing!

  137. I\’ve had floaters for about a month now, i usually see them looking at the sky or sometimes the computer screen. The best way to ignore them is to always keep your eyes in focus and concentrate on one thing.

  138. \’Candida Albicains\’ is an extremely common fungal organism that causes some of these types of floaters. If you see wavy lines and circles with a dot in the middle this is probably the answer. The lense of the eye acts like a magnifier. When your diet is poor your body is way more prone to fungal overgrowth. Rarely this can be caused by helminths (worms) and also the above explanation of the eye itself causing this condition. I see them (candida) when looking at the sky. I stare at the moon until my eyes water.

  139. These floaters, exactly as most describe are not considered problematic. You should really be able to see well through them, no need for doctors, they are natural, and actually a sign of sensitivity- well wishes to all!

  140. I\’m so grateful that you took the time to write this article. I\’m 15 years old and I started seeing this freaking things a few months ago, I tried to ignore them but the fact of knowing they were there made me nuts!
    This article practically summed up my case and belive it or not the part from the moon is true I did it even before reading this and it took me by surprise.I was feeling very deppressed and sad but it is ture ignore them please.

  141. Be glad you don\’t live in Fresno CA if you develope eye floaters or think you need immediate attention for a retinal problem.
    I went 2 months early to my opthamologist for an eye exame because I noticed a Blob moving past my eye. Was just a blurry spot moving along my eye. He gave me a complete eye exam but did not dialate my eyes. Said I didn\’t need it (said it would mess up my eye). He said I had dry eyes.

  142. Two days later I went to the emergency to get my eye examined because I thought my retna was detaching. Told them this. I waited 2 1/2 hours before they saw me & acted like I was crazy for going to them. Said they didn\’t have the equipment to test my eye & referred me to a clinic across the street.I went there & had an eye MD dialate my eyes. Said the retina was ok.
    I want to get my eyes rechecked as I have developed more floaters & light streaks at the side of my left eye.
    I have to pay in advance & have no insurance. Worked a week to save up for the last check up.
    Guess in Fresno if your retina detaches you just go blind.

  143. Just stumbled across this website and was surprised to read the bit about gazing at the moon. Years ago, in a Hebrew book on Jewish folk medicine, I read about gazing at the waning moon for eye ache. Interesting to read that the moon is good for floaters too. Maybe now is the time to try it! Regards to all.

  144. I got my first case of floaters in my left eye around July 4th. Went to a Retinol specialist 3 times over 7 weeks…gradually went away. I just woke up on 10-21-11 with floaters in my right eye. Very frustrating and will just hope they go away in 7 weeks. I have mono vision contact lenses, and I use my right eye for distance, so my reading isn\’t affected (which is my left eye). So, its kind of a crazy situation when you have those types of contact lenses. My question to all of you is this…\”will I be getting this again down the road\” or is this a one time thing? Thanks.

  145. Ophthalmologist explained: Floaters inside our eyes will never disappear. If we are lucky, they will move out of the field of vision. Gravity sometimes accelerates this process of moving which takes months …

  146. Thanks for the article. I was freaking out because of these floaters, I\’ve asked 2 or 3 doctors about it over the years, and they didn\’t know what it is, simply told me \”don\’t worry\” …
    I was also noticing those flashes of light, but as it happens I like to drink juice (like 1.5l a day) and I also eat a lot of vegetables, and I\’ve noticed them less and less during these last months.

  147. I first noticed floaters when I was in first or second grades, in the mid sixties living in Northern CA. Was laying on my bed looking at the light colored walls of my bedroom….Reported these \”little dots and squiggles\” to my Mom who took me to the DR. In the same small time frame, I was bitten by a tick. We lived in a rural mountainous area near Redding, California, and the tick on the back of my upper leg was fully embedded, engorged, indicating it had been attached to me for some time. My parents had bought a parcel on a local creek there and we used to have forays through the tall meadow grass to visit for picnics and swim in the creek. It was not until this past year and lots of research, reading, and learning about Lyme disease that I learned floaters and red eyes are common in those who have contracted Lyme Disease. In the very same \”tick bite time frame\” I also had severe sudden onset nosebleeds and serious conjunctivitis, also symptoms symptoms of Lyme Disease. Years of repeating tonsillitis followed. The bacteria that causes Lyme disease dwells in collagen tissues of the body, the lymph nodes and yes, the eyes too. 50% of people who test positive for Borrelia Burgorferi (the Lyme disease bacterium) NEVER recall having had a tick bite! Scientists have isolated the bacteria in aqueous samples of the eye itself. Maybe these threadlike floaters are the bacteria itself that one sees? MY floaters do indeed look like the spirochete \”Bb\”. (google borrelia burgdorferi). I hope this personal share of info helps someone else. The CDC is downplaying Lyme, which mimics so MANY disorders, it boggles the mind.

  148. Had floaters for 40 years. No big deal, there are issues in life far more serious than obsessing over floaters. I agree that the more you think about them, the more you see and the more prominent they appear. After reading some of the books by Oliver Sacks, it is clear that the diversity of processing and wiring we have working in our minds is remarkable. I\’m not a MD, but it looks like more than a few comments might be related to visual migraines.

  149. I\’ve had the lot: retinal detachmen; holes; short sight and more floaters than a harvesting cranberry field.

    Yag Vitreolysis. Find an expert ophthalmic surgeon that uses one and go get an assessment and then the treatment.

    Yag vaporizes floaters using lasers. Painless, quick, effective.

    It worked for me.

  150. i have floaters and flashes in my left eye
    i got it when i get beaten by an addict,now im worryin what might happen to me, i got laser eye surgery but it seems it not improve at all.

  151. If I roll my eyes to look up, w/out moving my head, and then roll them down, I see a cloudy wax paper like blanket go by rather quickly…I see this in both eyes although different shapes and \’cloudiness\’…eh, 58 yrs old…at least I can still see !!

  152. Yeah, all seemed like good advice up until they said to just stop thinking about them. They obviously have no idea about what can go on with those stupid things ! I’m speaking from my own personal experience with them. Feels like those things are somehow hooked together and pulling from my left eye to my left ear, making a very odd anxiety ridden sensation. Drives me nuts, but have developed strong constant, and I mean CONSTANT coping skills. Like I said, definitely good advice about the health end of it, but very dumb statement about the “forget” them comment.

  153. I just turned 50 six months ago and now I have eye floater issues. I will follow up with a doctor to verify my condition. I will take your advise regarding veggies, water and excercise. Thanks for keeping it real!

  154. The first time I noticed I had eye floaters was when I was in first grade I was playing in the scoop yard and looked up at the sky and noticed a little dark dot on my left eye it would move as i moved my eye as years passed by they multiple and they started to develop on my right eye now I’m 20 and I have them in both eyes they bug so much I have pains on top of my eyes as if it where pulling mostly on the left eye maybe because I gave alot more floaters on that eye I’m not sure, and I’t sucks so bad because I can’t do anything about beside gaze at the moon.

  155. I wonder if people have always had problems with this at a young age or its occurring more and more now. It seems like most articles I read about this are useless since the best way to get rid of them is to ignore them. I remember when I was younger I would have smaller lines and dots that were only seen when i focussed really hard and looked at the sky- easy to ignore those. The ones I have now are basically in front of those the little ones (just my assumption, I can’t say thats a fact). I wonder if our environment has caused this or the fact that more and more people are looking at computer screens or what. I haven’t always been one to use a computer.

  156. Well my problem is that i’m just 15 years old and have already a big problem with this floaters. Their’s nothing wrong with my retina but i’m already seeing very much and big floaters and i can’t ignore them. Maybe is the yag laser an option in the future ?

  157. Clear, round moving floaters or “threads” are 100% natural and every one sees them, especially when looking at light. No surgery, pills, moon gazing will make them go away. Relax, please, don’t be so upset, you can see right through them. Dark floaters however or sharp flashes of lights can be a sign of problem. Clear ones, NATURAL

  158. does people having floaters see the circles around the lights at night??? i have floaters in both eyes and i m just 14…they were negligible years back but nowadays they are distracting me….what can i do??? what is the main cause for these floaters can anyone tell me plz?????the light at night and the sun at day seem very bright to me and if they are releasing bright rays which are contacting and scattering like in cataract patients

  159. Yes, everyone can see these, they are natural, both day and night. Floaters (clear or night ones as described below) are seen by everyone, especially the more sensitive you are!

  160. I have had floaters all my life. I had troubles in school reading books. I’m 49 years old now and every time I ever visited any eye doctor, they told me their was no cure for them. Most of the time they do not bother me unless looking up in the bright sky or reading. If you don’t think about them, they wont bother you as much.

  161. I am 15, and I’ve been seeing squiggles, long squiggles in my eye infact sometimes groups making shapes such as Lines, Circles, Etc! It’s very depressing. Everyday I want to die. I don’t want to lose my eyesight!!!

    I havent had this issue the entire year, and am wondering what it may be , It has no color it’s transparent like floaters, but bigger but not too much bigger, Although because they’re in packs they have been bothering me. I look in the sky, or look at anything light and i see a ton of squiggles, as I rub my eye they sometimes form new shapes what is this??? i’ve been researching this and can’t find anything D: besides this articles that is :) thx for the fax, just very depressed !

  162. I went many years ignoring the floaters. They were mainly bothersome when I was tired, so when I started sleep problems because of tinnitus, I continued ignoring them. Now I’ve just had surgery for a detached retina (had several ophthalmologists check this). The floaters acted to separate the retina quite a bit, and if I’d had it checked earlier, there would be a better chance of my having full sight. Don’t play with your eyes and see a decent ophthalmologist – they’re not quacks and are trained do do the best thing for your sight.

  163. i hate my floaters. im only 14 years old and have started seeing black dots or squiggles in front of my eye especially when i look at bright surfaces or even at the sky. they don’t occur at night but when i look at the walls, they appear suddenly.

    i have visited 2 doctors/opticians and they both have told me that my floaters will never go away. i dont know how they came about but i am very worried and i really dont want to spend my entire life with these floaters distracting me from everything i do. i cant ignore them- its impossible, but i really want to get rid of them.

    i wake up everyday, thinking about them and trying to see if they have gone but since ive had them (about a month), they seem to be getting worse.

  164. My daughter has had floaters all her life. When she mentioned it to me when she was 7 I took her for an eye exam. The doctor dialated her eyes and let me see what she saw. I couldn’t believe it. It looks like it’s snowing in her eyes at all times. The Dr. told me that there is a blood vessel that should burst in the birth canal, but if it doesn’t burst until after a child wlll have major floaters. Her floaters are a whiteish color which make it difficult to read as the floaters sometimes cover one or more letters in a word. She is now a Jr in high school and can’t read as fast as she should which causes a real problem in any type of “timed” test. She has a hard time when she’s reading something that is printed on white paper so I had her try placing a colored transparency (green) over the white paper she was reading from and she said it did help some but did not eliminate them. I wonder of glasses with colored lenses might help her. I am going to try that next. She hates bright lights because they are very blurred and distorted. Last week we were driving home at night and she told me that the stop light looked like red poles that stretched from the sky to the road. She also said she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to drive at night.

  165. This site makes me sad to think that people are so disturbed by something EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE sees, these clear floaters are 100%, 100% normal, no more suffering/ suicidal/ surgery posts please!!!
    Are Eye Floaters Serious?

    Under normal circumstances, eye floaters are absolutely nothing to worry about. Almost everyone experiences them and they cause no ill effects.

  166. I think what I’ve read is a bunch of BS. I have floaters so bad I have great difficulty reading. I drink tons of water and have been a vegetarian most of my life. If anything is sad, it’s that some people will believe what they’ve read here. No it’s not just in my head that these things bother me. They interfere with watching TV, working on my computer, doing my homework, and most everything in between that involves seeing.

  167. Those who say they’re no big deal are experiencing, most likely, the fleeting ones that go away in moments. Please understand that some of us experience one – or more! – that stays. I too have had the fleeting ones that aren’t an issue. The ones that stay ARE one. Especially since it’s in the eye that has had surgery for a detached retina. But hey. They fixed that retina almost 18 years ago, and the floater came just 2 weeks ago. If this is all I have to bear, I’ll be one lucky lady! =)

  168. When I was in my 30′s I first experienced floaters. I thought there was a bird flying in the sky but there wasn’t anything there. I blinked but again that image of a black bird shape was in the corner of my right eye. Also bright lights shining through my closed eyes looks like amoeba when looking through a microscope and the view through microscope slides distorts the vision. That is what it looks like for me to see all the time now. When I move my eyes the floaters float in that direction too. If I stare then the floaters will move gradually around but once I blink then they go back to the original position. I became use to the floaters just being there until 4 years ago (at 49 years old) when I suddenly had flashes of colorful lights in the top 1/4 of my right eye and a huge black floater appeared. I blinked but it would just move around and return to the original position, very near the iris so it was difficult to see. I went to a specialist that told me that my retina was not detached. Thank God for that news. During the next few weeks the black floater became smaller and turned brown and had eventually become almost transparent but is still there and offset from the iris so that fortunately I’ve been able to see past that floater. The colored flashes disappeared after a few weeks too.

    Well today my left eye had a huge black floater appear near the iris making it very difficult to see through and after blinking numerous times it still remained. I lay down closed my eyes and prayed for it to go away. During that time it broke up looking like strings floating in water but with the transparent amoeba images too. I describe it like that but it also feels like saran wrap is placed over my eyes so that if only I could peel it off then I could see perfectly. Unfortunately it isn’t something that can be peeled off.

  169. Hello All.
    Use Vitreolant eye drop for the floaters so also the YAG laser procedure for the floater is completely safe, i did the laser by Dr. Franz Fankhauser in Bern and it is completely safe. Not only yag laser is designed to hit the floaters but it can also liquify the fluid inside and this helps a lot.

  170. I guess that proteins increases the number of floaters or make them more visible.
    and this 3, if taken alone
    Cu, Zn + vitamins..
    and K (if you want try “K” dont take together with nothing more, take it with empty stomach)

  171. I recently developed floaters that now interfere with my ability to read and study. People who say “just ignore them” have never had them so that it prevents the ability to do normal things like study, drive at night or even possibly cause an accident by mistaking a floater for movement. I am scheduled for the Yag laser treatment because I can no longer “ignore” the partial blindness. Please quit telling people to “ignore them” when there are real solutions to most types of floaters today. Look up the Yag Laser Treatment for Floaters.

  172. @Maxgts, yes you are right. I had limited vitrectomy surgery on my right eye due to a big floater which was blocking my vision and as side effect I got cataract within one year after that surgery. So there are strong chances of having cataract after vitre

  173. I am sorry, but this is NOT a very realistic article. It reminds me of people who tell pain patients, people with terrible degenerative or trauma caused problems that cause INTENSE pain that “I never take anything but an aspirin” or “You are just addicted. Pain is all in your mind.” I often ask people like that if I can smash their ankles with a hammer so they can see if an aspirin still helps. I have large floaters that make reading anything more like solving a jigsaw puzzle. I went into an all white room once to try playing squash or something almost 20 years ago and it was like playing with 50 different balls. How do “ignore” that? Sorry, but if you just have minor little floaters that look like dust in the air, well OF COURSE you can get used to them but other people have REAL PROBLEMS.

  174. I’m just glad to hear that these strange and annoying squiggly shapes that appeared in my vision a couple of months ago are relatively normal and harmless. If they don’t get worse I think I can learn to live with them. Here’s hoping!

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