Eye Floaters Simulator

Have you ever wanted to show other people what exactly your eye floaters look like? Well, it's now possible thanks to a very realistic simulator. In the simulator you will be able to increase/decrease the number of eye floaters in your eyes, the shade of the eye floaters and even the reflection of your retina.

You can also use this handy simulator to show your eye doctor what exactly your eye floaters look like. This can help your doctor diagnose your condition more effectively and might even help you uncover other conditions that affect your eyes.

With Ramon's permission, I'm sharing the eye floaters simulator on this page. You can use it by simply downloading and executing the following file:

Click here to download the Eye Floaters Simulator.

Note: the simulator currently only works in Windows. I'm currently working to develop an app for the iPad.

I also recommend that you visit the Eye Floaters Solution for more information about curing your eye floaters.

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