Do Eye Floaters go Away on Their Own?

Although some individuals do report eye floaters improvement after following a healthy lifestyle, most eye floaters are there to stay.

Eye floaters are located in the vitreous (see diagram), one of the eye\’s only parts that isn\’t being constantly healed and renewed. Due to the jelly-like composition of the vitreous, it\’s very hard for the body to heal it properly.

So although eye floaters are unlikely to just go away on their own, there exists a cure both surgical and natural.

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  1. I had floaters for years, they never bothered me as I could not remember not being without them. They did totally disappear though after I had cataracts and new lenses put in. I don\’t have any floaters now. Not sure of the connection between cataract operation and floaters. My floaters were like little amoeba swimming around.

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