Eye Floaters Cure Research

Many eye-related conditions are being researched extensively. Unfortunately, eye floaters is not a hot research area today. Besides the Surgical Treatments for eye floaters, there are a few methods currently being developed, albeit slowly.

Fine Needle With Magnetic Attraction

The first is being researched in Houston, Texas and involves inserting a fine needle into each eye. With a very slight magnetic attraction, the eye floaters will slowly move towards the needle. After a few minutes, the eye floaters will supposedly leave the field of vision never to be seen again. Although this method sounds like a good idea, it has some complications and possible risks. Obviously not only floaters will move towards the needle, but pretty much all the eye structures as well. This can cause a retinal detachment and other complications. Researchers are trying to find a way to attract floaters without damaging the rest of the eye.

Picking them Out

This method is being researched in Austria and is very straight forward. With the help of a needle, eye floaters are literally taken out one by one. Like Laser Treatment for Eye Floaters, this can only remove big eye floaters and not the smaller ones.


There is a new injectable substance called Vitreosolve that is supposedly able to remove floaters from the line of sight; thus making them invisible to the viewer. Vitreosolve is used to treat Diabetic Retinopathy and its effect on eye floaters looks very promising.

This substance is currently being tested for side effects and more information about its effectiveness will be available soon.

The Future

Although these techniques look promising, they are very risky and are currently in early stages of development. There is some research being done in oral supplements that could improve the eye\’s natural healing capability and remove eye floaters without invasive surgery.


  1. Hi Gareth. I know exactly what you mean. My life was perfect however it changed upside down in just 3 weeks with floaters n flashes. I m just 31 n hate to see doctors running away once they knw its floater , giving false hope without backing it up medically n their ignorance n lack of empathy kills me.

    I will continue to research..all the best

  2. Floaters apparently isn\’t a hot topic of research agreed….however any doctors, researchers reading this should know if you are one of the first to find solution for floaters will earn billions

  3. I\’ve seen an eye specialist who refused to perform a vitreotomy (drain the fluid from my eye; the eye then refills naturally over some weeks). His reason: there is a 2 in 100 chance of causing blindness due to retinal detachment. He said: just be happy you can see, oh and come back in a year. This translated as: if you\’re still unhappy, then I\’ll think about it. It\’s three years now and my right eye can see but blurs fill 90% of its vision now. With a vitreotomy only one eye is done at a time and I think I\’m ready. There are many success stories from the US about this procedure so I advise people to go ahead and look into it. I figure the older I get the more the chance of detachment so I\’d rather get one eye done now.

  4. I am now 35 Years old. Since 2 Year i have my Floaters. I have lots of it. Some are small, some are big. The best Condition, where i dont see them is in my Room, with lowerd light. Everything is right. Also during playing an working on my Computer or Playstation. Watching Movies also good. BUT if i go out they are everywhere. Ich i fast tunr my Head, they a rswimming from side to side. Its fucked up, and i dont want to live that way. My life could be so great, but this little basterds reduce the quality of my live to a minimum. I dont wanna get blind, but i also dont want this things. So if anybody can help me, pleas contact. I have visited in Germany more than 10 Doc. Everybody told me, that i have to live with this phenomenon. It is no phenomenon to me, it is a disease with extremly high potential to affect human psyche.

  5. I have lots of floaters in each eye. Strings and dots. I had a procedure done by Dr. Karichoff a few years ago due to a large floater that I was not willing to just “live with” – the usual prescription by modern ophthalomology that apparently thinks floater research just isn’t sexy enough to bother with. It would pop out of my peripheral vision without warning making me think someone was coming up behind me. Dr. K. was honest with me saying he could break it up and give me 60%-70% relief. He didn’t pressure me like some used car salesman. He assured me it was a safe procedure but that it was my choice. He would also take out a few of the larger floaters in that one eye. I think it was around $1,200. It worked. The big floater was gone the next day. He was right. I felt about a 70% improvement so he didn’t sell me snake oil. I would see him again, although I do have to say he’s rather …crotchety? Not the best personality, but I got what I came for and would do it again if necessary though I wish some researchers would come up with some magic pill to disssolve these things. I’m not willing to give up coffee, but that does eliminate some floaters. It’s the caffeine.

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