Treating Eye Floaters with Laser – Procedure, Risks, Recovery, Costs and Alternatives

Known as Laser vitreolysis, this procedure utilizes a YAG laser to vaporize and cut the proteins that compose the eye floater.


This is often an outpatient process that is completed in less than an hour. There are currently very few specialists who perform this surgery as it\’s somewhat risky and complicated.

When visiting the specialist, acquire information first. The doctor should answer all your inquiries and supply statistical information to give you a likely prediction of the outcome. A good examination will determine whether you are a candidate for surgery. This is done with a blood test and other in-office examinations.

Once the surgery is scheduled, you\’ll be given a booklet with pre-surgery instructions. You should have enough rest and abstain from any unhealthy activities for at least a couple of days before surgery.

The procedure is very short, lasting from twenty minutes to an hour. The patient\’s pupils are dilated using special eye drops. Subsequently, the doctor uses a YAG laser to evaporate and cut the floaters one by one.


Although many doctors claim that removing eye floaters with a laser carries fewer than a 2% risk, many studies have conclusively determined that the risk of a complication is much higher. During actual surgery, the highest risk you\’re taking is having a retinal detachment which can occur if the doctor inadvertently harms your retina. The risk is 2%.

The real risk is post-surgery, as up to 50% of patients develop an eye condition associated with the laser surgery.

What to Expect?

This surgery very seldom removes eye floaters entirely. Instead, only about 5% of patients notice \”extraordinary improvement\” after the operation. Another 50% notice some improvement and 40% see about the same quantity of floaters. The other 5% actually sees more floaters after the surgery.


The cost of this procedure ranges from $4,000 to $12,000. There are very few doctors performing this procedure in North America.


Although this procedure might be tempting, we don\’t recommend it. The possible complications far outweigh the remote chance of full eye floaters removal. This surgery should only be used when eye floaters interfere with your daily activities. We recommend the Eye Floaters Solution for removing your eye floaters naturally and without risk.

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  1. Unfortunately a lot of the information on this page is completely untrue. I have had laser treatment on both of my eyes from 2 different doctors and have had a great sucess both times.

    After researching this for years I have found that every person I have talked to that has had the laser treatment has had a significant improvement and the claim that, “The real risk is post-surgery, as up to 50% of patients develop an eye condition associated with the laser surgery” is totally false. There have been almost zero post surgery complications.

    The cost is no where near $4,000 – $12,000. I am just a regular 37 year old guy who had my first treatment from Dr. Geller when I was 24 and the cost was $1,800 per eye and now I just had a treatment by Dr. Johnson a few months ago as I wanted to get more of them out and he was also $1,800 per eye.

    I am all for natural treatments also and fully support anyone who is trying to help people get rid of floaters as I know who annoying they are, however not at the expense of hindering people who can get real help and results from laser treatment.

    I hope this helps at least one person and I do hope we can find a natural cure soon as it would be cheaper and yes less of a risk than laser as there are always risks with any surgery.

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