Eye Drops for Removing Eye Floaters

Are eye drops for floaters removal effective? There are a few in the market and their effectiveness is debated. Some eye drops target eye cataracts but they are also apparently useful in treating eye floaters.

But how could simply applying eye drops to the eyes help remove eye floaters? If you have read the What are Eye Floaters? article, you will know that eye floaters are located in the vitreous. Unfortunately, the vitreous is one of the few places in the human body that isn\’t being constantly renewed and healed – it just stays stagnant.

Back to the question, is it possible that eye drops cure eye floaters? According to experts it\’s not. However, eye drops companies claim that regularly applying their product can help stimulate vitreous renewal.

We have tried them and haven\’t noticed any significant improvement. You are obviously free to try such eye drops but remember to desist use immediately if you notice any negative reactions including:

  • Eye Pain
  • Increase in eye floaters quantity
  • Irritation
  • inflammation

Back to Products we also recommend reading the Eye Floaters Cure article.

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  1. Do natural eye drops work? Can I get any negative side effects by using them? Also, I haven’t seen any eye floaters eye drops, where can I buy them? I am willing to try them and post my experience here.

  2. Hello John. Eye floaters eye drops are not found in many places. Probably because they are not really approved by any serious company as their effectiveness is very debated. If you want to try them anyway go to a specialized pharmacy or a big shopping center (I’ve seen them in K-Mart)

  3. I\’m only 16 and I have eye floaters they come in many sizes and shapes I\’ve been noticing an increase on how often and how many I see every day it gets worse. At the beginning I only saw one or two now there are so many I can’t even count them. My doctor told me it was because I was near sighted and there is nothing he can do. I know that there is layer eye surgery I can have but I’m not sure if I am able to get. I want them to go away. I can’t do anything anymore with out seeing them they scare me. I just wanna close my eyes run in a dark corner and stay forever. If there is an eye drop to help get rid of them where do I go. Please help me.

  4. Sade,you can find me on facebook>Savin Smith..I do have floater too…but now there are a new treatment for it,if de eye drops useful then you may carry on..otherwise let share with me your problem…


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