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A good and effective way to test your vision for vision problems is with the help of a vision test. Although there is no replacement for the tests offered at a doctor's office, testing your eyes on your computer can actually help you detect early symptoms of certain eye conditions and give you an idea of how acute your vision really is.

There are tests that can't be done online such as the eye pressure test, so don't forget to visit your eye doctor at least once per year.

We recommend printing these vision tests for best results, although you can do the tests right from your monitor.

Before Starting

Turn on the lights. Make sure that your room is as bright as possible.
Don't do the vision tests if you're tired and preferably do them in the morning.
Save the tests to your computer and either print them or display the full image on your monitor (the former is preferred).
 Follow the instructions of each test carefully.
 If you notice anything wrong, consult an eye doctor. As a matter of fact, it's always a good idea to consult an eye doctor when anything in your vision changes.

Near Visual Acuity Test

Vision Test

Optometrists often use the Jaeger chart for measuring the acuity of a person's close up vision. You can download this chart using the links below:

Download a version of the Jaeger chart in JPG format.

Download a version of the Jaeger chart in illustrator format.

Using this chart is often not needed. In general, if you're able to read normal-sized computer text comfortably without the use of any external support, then your eyesight is fine.

The Snellen Chart

You can download this chart using the following two links:

Snellen Chart GIF image.

Snellen Chart Vector File. You can open this file with illustrator or another similar program. You can resize and print it to fit your needs.

Note: this chart should be used from a distance of twenty feet. You should take the size of your monitor into consideration to choose the right distance.

Amsler Grid

The Amsler grid is the preferred test for diagnosing anomalies in the retina, particularly the macula. This test is very easy to take and only requires a few minutes.

Amsler Chart:
Amsler Chart
With macular degeneration:
Amslers Chart with Macular Degeneration

Download a large version of the Amsler's grid.

To take this test you should focus on the center point. If you discover any anomalies in your vision, there might be something wrong with your optic nerve or retina. Seeing curved lines instead of straight lines is a symptom of macular degeneration.

Testing your Color Vision

You might not know that people often see colors differently from other people. What you perceive as red might look orange to somebody else. Although the variations from person to person are small, some people might perceive completely different colors, especially people who suffer from color blindness.

Testing your color vision is easy to do with the help of the Ishihara vision test.

Download the Ishihara Vision Test in jpeg format.

Other Tests

There are other tests that can be required for certain people. Some occupations require a very wide peripheral vision, while others might require above average night vision. For taking those tests, you will have to visit an optometrist who will inform you further.

Some rare vision conditions exist that may need additional tests. All in all, there are more than twenty vision tests available to measure every aspect of our vision.

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