Vitamins for Eye Floaters

Although eye floaters are mostly made up of proteins and thus not susceptible to a change in your nutrition, it's still a good idea to supplement your diet with certain vitamins that are well known to improve your vision and help make your floaters appear more transparent.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is well known to support your eye health. As a matter of fact, vitamin A has been deemed very effective in preventing certain eye conditions that occur in old age, especially those associated with the retina (see retinal detachment). Vitamin A is found naturally in many foods including: carrots, spinach, mangos, peas, broccoli and milk. If you choose to take the vitamin in the form of a supplement, choose one that also contains selenium and DHA as those nutrients might help your vision improve even more.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential to your vision. Vitamin C supports the building of collagen in the eye allowing proper nourishment and circulation of nutrients that help our vision function properly. Additionally, the antioxidation properties of vitamin C help prevent the crystallization of certain foreign molecules that could result in eye floaters. A lack of vitamin C can lead to very serious complications such as cataracts. The best source of vitamin C is vegetables.

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