Vitrectomies Vs. Nutrition – Eye Problems (Floaters)

One of the goals of is to provide people with eye floater information and non-surgical treatment options in an unbiased manner. We believe that nutritional and traditional medicine practices can co-exist – and that people have the right to explore their options.

The primary goal of, however, is to provide natural alternatives to vitrectomies and other surgical procedures used for the treatment of eye floaters (a vitrectomy is a procedure in which the vitreous is surgically removed – and often replaced with a saline solution).

There are many documented risks in vitrectomies and similar procedures – and the procedure is by no means inexpensive. Nonetheless, we believe that vitrectomies do have their place, such as for individuals suffering with extremely large eye floaters which are major obstructions to one's vision. In such cases, natural treatment may simply be insufficient. For the rest of us, however, suffering with only minor or nuisance eye floaters, the natural path may still be our best option – both as a preventive and as a curative.

Doctors vs. Nutrition

Unfortunately, most doctors of traditional medicine do not share our unbiased philosophy of nature/medicine co-existance. In fact, most doctors quickly dismiss natural treatments for the majority of ailments. We at feel that the immediate dismissal of natural treatment is biased, close-minded, and – quite simply – counter-productive. Such is the case with eye floaters.

There are many websites aimed at the use of vitrectomies and other surgical procedures for the treatment of, among other things, eye floaters. Interestingly enough, many of these sites have lists of questions related to vitrectomies, such as the risks and alternate options.

Not surprisingly, however, none of these sites mention even the mere existance of natural supplements proven to promote eye health. In fact, one site goes so far as to state that nutritional supplements do nothing and that vitrectomies are your only option. Why? Because these sites are run by doctors trying to sell you vitrectomies. It's that simple.

We Do Have Options

Fortunately, there are unbiased researchers who can be relied upon for accurate information on both traditional medicine and natural treatment. Increasingly, researchers are finding a link between good nutrition and maintaining healthy eyes. Researchers now believe that age-related eye diseases that are caused by the body's exposure to the normal oxidation process may be slowed by vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables or taken in supplement form.

Because current studies are looking at different vitamins or combinations of vitamins, it is not yet possible to say definitively which vitamins should be taken by whom or in what quantities. Nonetheless, it is more and more apparent that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants may help prevent age-related eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration, or at least slow their progress.

Cure for Eye Floaters

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