What do Eye Floaters Look Like?

Eye floaters can have thousands of different forms, shapes, sizes – even colors!

They range from tiny dots that come in huge numbers to enormous dark floaters that may cause vision impairment.

For young people who develop eye floaters, the floaters will be clearer although bigger. This is so because the eye floaters themselves are not located in the frontal part of the vitreous, but rather closer to the retina. They will also be bigger due to the floaters\’ proximity to the retina.

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  1. My floater looks like a huge spider web, is this normal? I also noticed that every time I look to the extreme right or left I see a dark circle. It’s kind of hard to explain – does anyone notice this also?

  2. mine looks like a piece of lint on an old projector screen, and its gone now but at night I would blink and I would see a flash like someone took a picture. Like you said it\’s hard to explain but its there.

  3. My eye floaters look like a circular nucleus with stems coming across at all angles, I can see one now as a type this :)

    I also have that problem that when i see a flash from a camera it stays for ages until it gradually gets thinner and thinner

  4. my floaters are in both eyes and when i first got them it was weird… i now accept them it has been 2yrs i do see flashes and sometimes see things that are not there..what should i do

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